Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego

Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego

Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego

Shamu Sea World puts up a great show in San Diego with their beautiful Orca killer whales. Its name originated through their first baby orca who was referred to as “Shamu”. Later on, it became their trademark. People from around the world comes to this show and get inspired by the amazing show that the Orcas put up.

These killer whales fly through the water and splashes water all over the audience that makes you feel a part of the show itself. There is a soak zone in which you actually can’t survive without getting completely soaked in water.

Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego

The experience that this Shamu show gives to us is actually very inspiring. It gives you a glimpse of the life under the ocean. It starts off with a theatrical video and the moment it ends, these killer whales jumps from under the water and land into the water with a big splash. Once these Orcas starts waving their tales on water, there is no stopping them. It’s actually hilarious how they never stop. Apart from splashing the entire sea on the audience, they entertain everyone through their cute little dances and amazing high jumps.

These Orca whales are indeed the cutest and friendliest water creatures you will ever see. It’s a real sad that this Shamu Show is about to end. One Ocean has decided to put a halt to the Orca breeding, which means these present Orcas are the last offspring in its generation there. Although they have planned to put different types of Orca shows, but it will not be the same.

There is going to be one last Shamu Show from which people can have the Orca experience one last time. I do have one advice for you though: if your phone is not water proof, then it is better to keep it inside your pockets or bags, because these killer whales will make sure that even your phone gets enough water splash experience from underwater.


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