Security camera footage Insane number of crazy events

Security camera footage Insane number of crazy events

There are a lot of activities that people carry out in the streets without being noticed, some are illegal while others are mere fun by youths. Most of the bad habits on the streets are the bad traffic behaviors that people show on the roads when there are no traffic officers around. Though they may not be noticed, the security cameras always record everything that happens in the streets after which the people can be followed up and arrested. The video footage on YouTube show how people break traffic rules at a junction. The footage is a video of two people who get into a moving car without the car stopping; this is very risky because it can lead to an accident in the process.

There is also a driver who moves on reverse gear without alerting those who are at the junction, the driver recklessly drives the car and ends up hitting the car that was on the junction almost injuring the cyclist who was by the car. Other drivers are also recorded driving on a pavement which is prohibited and they also get into the highway without notifying any oncoming motorist that they want to enter the road. On the same spot a driver to be in a hurry and cannot wait for the other motorists to pass, the driver ends up hitting another car in the process of trying to hurry up.

The footage also shows two drivers on the same junction driving on reverse gear into the junction before they find their way to the route they want to take. On another scene a CCTV camera shows a person trying to break a door though he is not able. Other drivers also park on the road which makes it very difficult for other vehicles to overtake on the space left. Most drivers seem to be in a hurry and in the process of trying to get their way fast they end up hitting other vehicles and do not even dare to slow, they just drive off to their destinations. The careless driver causes a car crash on the junction while trying to overtake another car and in the process hits an oncoming car. The security video is fitted in a place where no one can notice and that is why once the drivers notice that there is no cop around; they break the traffic rules while on the road.

Another CCTV camera also records two animals in a place that looks like a home. Though the two animals find nothing to destroy they hover around the compound until they reach the door of the house. These cameras are very good for homes because they show one what is going on at home even when they are not around. Since a person may not be able to know where they are fitted, they record everything that the person does before leaving the scene. The cameras have helped security officers to track and arrest people who break rules and run away.


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