Rosangela de Silva, How A Perfect Mermaid Photo Cost Her Life

Rosangela de Silva, How A Perfect Mermaid Photo Cost Her Life:

Clicking the best picture and posting it on the social media is the latest trend and people go beyond their limits to click the perfect Mermaid picture.

Whether going at the top of the mountain, deepest dive in the ocean, hanging on the cliff of the mountain with a rope, or sitting on the rock with a hovering ocean behind you are some of the sweet spots to get your perfect picture and can be the reason for the funniest moments which can make you embarrass and to laugh about.

It was just another day for Rosangela de Silva who was posing as a mermaid while sitting on the rock in a beautiful rainy weather. The conditions were perfect for the picture and she was also wearing a white dress which was going with the background as waves were touching her feet.

Behind every perfect shot of a woman, there is a struggling man who adjusts his positions to order to sink-in with the situation. Rosangela husband was the one behind the camera who turned video mode instead of a camera and everything was filmed from the moment she sat on the rock.

It can be the perfect picture of her life and she took the right posture for the picture but something happened in the background as her husband started shouting about the waves. She didn’t notice as her face was in front of the camera and didn’t get the chance to look behind.

It was a warning as a giant wave was coming towards her and she was caught with it. The waves seem to take her and she fell from the rock and hit the sea. It was a devastating moment which started from the perfect picture and can end up with major injuries.

Moments later, Rosangela saw making her way back to the rock with some help from her husband and was relaxed as she escaped from any major injuries except some bruises. It didn’t turn out what they actually expected but was saved from a tragic end. The video has been shared by the family on social media which makes us laugh about it and with a breadth that she was fine after the incident.

Source: ViralHog

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