Refueling Aircraft Carrier In Mid Sea With Fuel Of Million Dollars

Why Refueling Gigantic Aircraft Carrier Is Necessary And How We Pour Millions Of Dollars In It !!

Why Refueling A Gigantic Aircraft Carrier Is Necessary And How We Pour Millions Of Dollars In It

When you think about the Naval services, you don’t often think about how much fuel they need to keep their ships sailing. You don’t think about the time it takes refueling ships at sea or how much effort goes into the endeavor. It barely ever crosses the mind that there are sailors that spend months at sea that need to be resupplies with food stuffs as well as gas for their ship. On an aircraft carrier, they even need enough fuel to get their planes and helicopters fueled.

Aircraft carrier takeoffs are part of the entire reason they exist, and if there isn’t fuel for the planes then what is the point of having carriers at all?

What should be first noted is that aircraft carriers don’t have to be refueled all that often. These massive military ships run on nuclear reactors that power their massive turbines, rather than anything as pedestrian as gasoline. In the right circumstances a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier doesn’t have to refuel its own supply of power for twenty years.

Why Refueling A Gigantic Aircraft Carrier Is Necessary And How We Pour Millions Of Dollars In It

As a result, when they do need to resupply their levels of nuclear materials to keep going, these giant ships cost quite a large sum of money to refuel. Without taking into account all of the fighters inside a carrier, an aircraft carrier costs more than half a billion dollars to refuel. We know this because in February 2015 one of the budgetary requests the Pentagon issued was for over six hundred million dollars towards the refueling of their ship.

It may be hard to think of reasons to justify this, but to the military this kind of expenditure makes sense. To them, the defense of our borders requires ready and able soldiers and sailors who can think on their feet and work within confined spaces like the hull of a ship. There has to be some form of home base for their men to settle themselves when out to sea, and one of the best locations to do that is in the massive vehicles that tower twenty stories above the water.

It isn’t just topping up the nuclear reactors either, because when they refuel the aircraft carrier they also retrofit and overhaul. Something to keep in mind is that the massive ships all have a service life of about fifty years, and they will only ever need to be refueled once.

The refueling means that the ship is halfway through its active duty, and that the technology that is being used aboard its ship could be twenty years out of date in some places. What this means is that there needs to be an overhaul of every major system as they refueling is taking place. The navy cares about the defense of the nation, and in order to be the best that they can be they need up to date technologies to help them.

The task of retrofitting modern technologies onto old ships is never easy, and when you are dealing with a giant ship you need calm waters to do it. It’s okay to bring supplies to an aircraft carrier in rough seas, as the size of the ship helps diminish and problems that might crop up, but when you are changing out technologies and dealing with nuclear materials you have to work with caution or there could easily be a terrible accident.

Why Refueling A Gigantic Aircraft Carrier Is Necessary And How We Pour Millions Of Dollars In It

You need to be sure that everything is settled on the ship, and no planes are prepared for an aircraft carrier takeoff or landing, because when you are working on changing computers it means that there’s nobody who can work the automatic systems that help keep the planes safe from falling off.

To refuel an aircraft carrier means to harbor it at a dock and start engaging in one of the most difficult engineering tasks that any team. It is a process that only happens once, and it is something that you cannot afford to mess up.

There are billions of dollars that go into refueling and retrofitting an aircraft carrier, and though there will naturally be some who thing that the expense is extravagant and unnecessary, you have to appreciate the lengths that the navy will go to ensure that when they work to defend us on the seas that they are doing so with the best equipment available.

 See the below video, to see the actual process of refueling a gigantic aircraft carrier.

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