Plane Makes emergency Belly Landing at Airport watch what happens

Plane Makes emergency Belly Landing at Airport watch what happens

WHY PLANES MAKE EMERGENCY BELLY LANDINGS ! There are very different ways in which people can move from one place to another. The means of transport have advanced from the traditional means such as use of animals like horses to the new and large airplanes that are now used to travel to even further distances within the shortest possible time. Technology has played a very huge role in improving the transport sector. However, just like in any other places where technology has been used, there are problems that can be expected. Some of the malfunctions that occur in these transport vessels are very critical and can lead to very huge accidents which may cause very huge losses and damages in addition to loss of very many lives. For this reason, pilots are always ready to deal and curb any of these malfunctions even if they are too big to repair. When the pilots are not able to repair or correct the malfunctions that may occur in planes, they are supposed to find out how they can get the people on the ground safely. For certain reasons, the plane may require to make emergency landings on the nearest available airport.

One of the ways in which a plane may make an emergency landing is performing an emergency belly landing. This is usually when the pilot lands the plane by sliding it on the underside of its chassis. This kind of landing may be important for different reasons. In most cases, the plane makes a belly landing when the pilot forgets to fully engage the landing gear which means that the plane’s wheels are not fully engaged for the plane’s successful landing. This is one of the things that the pilot should ensure they do when they begin planning for the plane’s descent and landing. As the pilot increases their experience in this area, they entrust their landing steps to their memories and increase the chances of forgetting one of the steps. This might lead to a belly landing. In some situations, the plane’s landing gear is fully engaged but when it begins landing, the plane’s landing gear is disengaged forcing the plane’s tyres to retract. This therefore causes a belly landing. In some situations though, the pilots are not at fault. For some cases where the pilot is not at fault, the plane’s landing gear malfunctions. When the plane’s landing gear malfunctions, the pilot should initiate an emergency belly landing in order to save the lives of the passengers. This may usually lead to huge damages to the plane’s chassis with the risk of the plane combusting or even flipping over.

A belly landing or gear up landing in planes occur when they land on the ground without their landing gears being lowered. A belly landing happens only in case of emergencies and the plane has to land on its belly or the underside part.Almost all the aircrafts these days are designed in such a way so that they can land on their bellies safely in case their landing gears fail to extend. However, belly landing is a risky thing to do and the biggest challenge in this type of landing is steering of the airplane so that it remains on the runway. This is because leaving runway is far more dangerous than belly landing.
Cause of belly landing
A major cause of belly landing is when the pilot forgets to lower the landing gear before touching the ground. There are several sensors and lights in the aircraft which signals whether the landing gear is up, in transit or down. When the landing gear is down, the light turns green. When the landing gear is up, the lights are red. However, few pilots neglect these lights. Belly landing can also occur if the pilot gets distracted. He can get distracted due to various reasons such as a sick passenger, traffic in his path, strong winds and so on.
Another cause of belly landing is the technical failure I.e due to some failures in the aircraft, the landing gear fails to extend. A common cause would be power failure. But a backup power is available in aircrafts so that wouldn’t be a problem.
Effects of belly landing
When a plane makes a belly landing,there could be damage to the plane. There is also a risk that the aircraft will flip over or catch fire if the landing is too hard.
Belly landing incidents
F-111 aardvark – this supersonic jet was in the air when air traffic control noticed that one of the wheels were missing. They informed the pilots who then had to make an emergency belly landing
Jetblue airbus A320-232- this happened in the year 2005 when the Jetblue airbus hard to make an emergency landing. Even though the rubber of the nose gear caught fire, no serious damage was done.
Belly landings are more common than you think.There is even an old saying which is very true. “ there are pilots who have landed gear up and those who will”. However, gear up landings when performed properly does not cause much damage.


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