Plane Landing on airport without wheel watch what happens

When Pilot landed plane without its wheels

There have been lots of plane crashes this year and the Boeing 767 incident was a miraculous one to have not added to this amount. The incident occurred when a plane tried to land with a fault occurring in the plane’s systems. The wheels of the plane which had 230 passengers seemed not be functioning could not land the plane as it usually did.


The pilot had to land the flight skillfully and he heroically landed the plane safely with everyone on board it not sustaining any major injuries. The aircraft produced sparks and a fire also broke on one of the engines as the pilot landed the plane and it skidded through the tarmac.


The flight came from Newark and was forced to land at Warsaw airport after a gear failure. Although, no one got hurt and there were no deaths recorded after the plane landed, but there were some terrified passengers who after disembarked spoke about the horrifying experience they had.


One passenger, Teresa Kowalik said that she prayed for the pilot not to lose control over the plane when they began making circles at the airport. A lot of other passengers also spoke about the terrifying ordeal they had.
Some other passengers were so traumatized that they did not speak to the reporters but rather gave their information to the news crew.


It was said that after the pilot realized there was a fault in the plane, he made it known to the passengers and flight attendant took them through the necessary safety measure they should take at that time. The panic from passengers really started when the fire broke out. People saying their farewells to each other.


The fire outbreak on the plane was extinguished immediately by firefighters who were waiting after the plane had landed and passengers escaped through the emergency exit of the plane. Passengers were taken to the hospital for further medical examination and tests.

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