The Photo of Trump and his daughter is most awkward thing you’ll see on social media

The Photo of Trump and his daughter is most awkward thing you’ll see on social media

2016 has its share of mudslinging, and the victim this time was Donald Trump. Now Trump can hardly be called a victim because he is known to dig his own grave with uncensored opinions. His beliefs and thoughts voiced openly have embarrassed the Republicans on many issues. The working class, however, loves Trump. They see in him a candidate who has proved his financial prowess and therefore knows what he is talking about. They also see in him a man willing to take the bull by its horns, especially when it comes to issues such as immigrants.


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The latest salvo used in election 2016 against Donald-Trump is this photo of Ivanka-Trump. It is an old photograph considering that it was taken when Ivanka was about 15 years of age, and she is now in mid 30’s. But still “this photo of Trump and his daughter is the most awkward thing you’ll see today”. The fact that the Ivanka is sitting on Trump’s lap in mini skirt at age 15, cradling his face and the two are sitting on what appears to be a watercooler is suggestive of some carnal undertones. The watercooler in the picture is actually a statue in which a pair of parrots are portrayed in sexual position. On the whole, the pics, even without the parrots are enough to make anybody uncomfortable considering the growing intolerance of the society against incest and pedophiles.

Image: Tim Ireland (Twitter)

Trump has never hidden any of his feelings towards his daughter. In fact, in 1996 he had mentioned in an Interview that “she (Ivanka) does have a nice nice figure”. He went on to add that if she was not his daughter he would probably be dating her. Now, that sure can raise eyebrows in supposedly normal society that strictly believes in keeping such talk under wraps and not even joke about it. More so because the girl was 15 years old at the time and Trump was around 50.

In a recent interview Trump repeated his faux pas telling Rolling Stone that if he weren’t happily married, and of he weren’t her father, he would possibly be with this beauty. This time Ivanka was in mid 30’s. But then, it could be treated as Trump brand of humor or Trump’s style of complimenting his daughter.

The photograph and utterances of the past did not find their way to twitter or facebook since both these social media giants arrived in 21st century. But elections are always times to pull out old rubbish in politics and use it against a candidate. The point is, are people going to view this picture of Ivanka-Trump as incestuous in nature, or will they treat it as one more weird behavior of the man. Trump sure has the foot-in-the-mouth disease and his followers have accepted him with that, but this one will be a bit difficult to brush off.

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