The Path of Love Via dell’Amore for those in Love – Italy it is!

The Path of Love  Via dell’Amore for those in Love- Italy it is:

The Path of Love Via dell’Amore for those in Love- Italy it is

There are so many romantic places around the world where you have been considering in visiting with your love of life. The most common are Eiffel Tower, Paris, which is the best spot to propose someone or to spend the extraordinary evening with your partner.

Venice in a gondola, twilight in Istanbul, Taj Mahal in India, are some of the places topped to be the most romantic places on earth but wait there is another one in which you need to walk with your loved one for about 1.2 kilometres which are the same length of the Italian path with hand in hand.

The path of love Via dell’Amore will take couple almost forty minutes to complete the journey with the best scenes of the landscapes, vegetation that runs down the path, and of course the sea which is an icing on the cake. The path will take you along a cliff face that is 30 meters above the Ligurian Sea, from the town of Riomaggiore to Manarola, in Cinque Terre, Italy.

The Path of Love Via dell’Amore for those in Love- Italy it is

Via dell’Amore is carved out of the mountain, so it consists of different slopes and is installed with handrails to give extra protection to the couples. The whole path has lots of benches, so if the couples feel to relax, they can enjoy the viewpoint and settle for some time for romantic conversation. There is a tradition in which all the tourists carry a padlock in which they hang the padlock and lock it with a promise to be together and share the eternal love.

After locking it they throw the key into the water as a symbol of life-long union. As the path of love is about 1.2 kilometers long, it is always recommended to wear comfortable footwear and the dress by which your partner will be impressed. There are different spots in the path where you can click the most memorable pictures of your lifetime and can be shared with your family and friends.

The Path of Love Via dell’Amore for those in Love- Italy it is

 Via dell’Amore is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is the biggest tourist attractions in the region of Liguria which gather millions in a year. There are five different villages which run down the path to add more vibrant colors and known as Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

The Path of Love Via dell’Amore for those in Love- Italy it is

They all are interconnected with extraordinary architectural designs which make them unique and beautiful. Each village is famous and has some historical buildings with a rich history as Monterosso has an impressive fort with the beautiful beach, Vernazza is famous for its tower houses, Corniglia offers a sea view which is 100 meters high of the ground, and last Riomaggiore is the largest village with a population of 2,000 people in total.

This should be the first destination for all the lovers around the world as it gives you an option to spend the quality time and especially a ‘Walk to Remember’ for rest of your life. So before making any plans with your loved ones, this should be the first destination in your mind.

Source: Santa Anna Scala

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