North Korean female soldiers parade watch amazing video

North Korean female soldiers parade watch amazing video

What would you expect when you come across a video of North Korea female soldiers? Definitely something negative. North Korea is perhaps one of the few countries in the world often featured in the media for all the wrong reasons. However, if you watch largest North Korean female soldiers you might be tempted to change your perception of the country.

Save for the scary guns, intimidating uniform, and strange communist marching style, the ladies are gorgeous by all standards. In fact, the video can pass for an ingenious Hollywood creation. However, the video is real and it depicts what is perhaps the largest marching North Korean female soldiers. The video was definitely meant to send two important but contradicting messages to the world.

The first message is the military might of the country in the face of criticism and perceived threat from her Southern neighbor and other nations that condemn the political environment in North Korea. The second message is conveyed best by the shy and smiling female soldier behind yellow flowers that features repetitively in the video.

The female soldier basically sends the message that there is something feminine, sweet, and sexy about North Korea after all. However, the final verdict is a matter of individual perceptions.


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  1. Newz Nutt says:

    That cute little sub-lieutenant is probably in a labor camp for laughing at the marching girls.

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