Mumbai Cops raid lodges and hotels, handpicked Couples, accused of ‘public indecency’

Mumbai Cops raid lodges and hotels, handpicked Couples, accused of ‘public indecency’

The most disgusting latest news is that, Malwani police picked up 40 different couples from hotels in Madh Island and Aksa. These couples were charged with public indecency. They were confined and mishandled for 5 hours and fined Rs.1200. Since some of them were college students they were obligated to summon their parents.It is a very wrong opinion to consider this as a prostitution hullabaloo, shading some light on this, a number of mature adults had booked rooms in Madh Island and Aksa to have some private time on their own. On Thursday they were dragged out of these rooms, taken to the police station and insulted.

mumbai police raid

mumbai police raid

The incident was reported by mid-day. It left a 19-year-old university scholar so distressed .As part of the shame, humiliation and stigmatization from her family, she thought of committing suicide. A 21-year-old together with her fiancé who were to marry in one month later were whacked by a female police constable when she demanded justice from weak-willed Malwani cops.The 21-year-old was quoted reporting that the police insulted all of them before all the officers, later on summoned their parents and made them feel like committers of most scandalous crime. Their parents felt guilty for this. The raid was conducted at around 3 pm under the command of Deputy Commissioner Vikran Deshpande.The same female Malwani constable has a history of causing suspension of officers for letting counterfeit liquor hullabaloo that saw death of more than 100s of people.

Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria ordered investigation into the last week’s invasions at hotels and lodges. The public had a different opinion from that of the couples. The police claim the public raised concern regarding acts of public indecency, soliciting as well as drunken brawl. Senior Inspector Milind Khetale gave his word on the raid. He claimed that the couples were penalised under Section 110 (Indecent behaviour in public) borrowing from the Bombay Police act. Three cases were also registered in line with the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act.


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