Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Created

Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Created

Some of us have occasionally stopped to think which the most powerful weapon in the world is. Below are a. Compilation of 10 most. Dangerous weapons and their military might. Well, a very smart man they call Albert Einstein once said ‘I don’t know about world war three, but world war four will be fought with stick and stones.’ Here’s why

10. DSR-50
This 50 caliber German based sniffer riffle is incredibly fast, it is a commando weapon designed to Counter military defense like armor vehicles. If aimed and shot at a group of people, it can denot several limbs with ease.

9. Rocket Propelled Genade
Also knows as RPG, this is a highly defensive military commando weapon effective with soft targets and can penetrate upto 26 inches of armor vehicles.

8. Schwerer Gustav
This was a railway mobility gun used used by the Germans during WW2, measuring 87meters and weighing 1350 tones, it could fire a legendary 7 tone shell across a 29 mile distance.

7. Mimitc Class Aircraft Carrier
Measuring 1,100 ft and weighing 100,000 tones, it can hold up to 85 jet fighters, it. Is powered by 2 nuclear sites which can take it even 23years without the need to refuel.

6. GBU-43/B Masive Ordinance Airblast.
Commonly referred to as mother of bombs, this US based, 30,000 pound 3 ft long weapon is enough to clear 9 blocks of urban settlement. As of 2003 it was the most powerful non nuclear weapon.

5. Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increaed Power
Russia later created a bomb 4 times deadlier than its US predecessor, which currently holds the title of most powerful non-nuclear weapon. It is enough to evaporate anything in its way.

4. Trident 11D5 SLBM
This is a submarine launched missile weapon system is used by the US and UK which carries 8 deadly nuclear power heads which can hit several different targets.

3. Chimera Viruses
These viruses are a product of evolution with naturally harmful effects but what spells danger is the scientific manipulation which makes them more harmful than the Black Plague, Anthrax and Ebola.

2. R-36 ICBM
This weapon can fire 17 mega tones upto 10,000 miles, even if it was to miss its target, it would still manage to cause damage as it cannot be intercepted with ease.

Created in 1961 by the Soviet Union, this 26 foot 60,000 pound bomb is not one of the most modern weapon but fits as the most dangerous weapon ever created category, it is said to be 38 times more powerful than Hiroshima and 10 times impact of all bombs used in WW2.


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