Most Advanced Vehicles Ever Built Hi tech Presidential Transporters

We love, admire and envy the new model of vehicles we come around. But wait until you set your eyes on the new presidential transport vehicles. The USA presidential car is considered the advanced vehicle ever built.

The model of the car is Cadillac but don’t be deceive by the name of this vehicles because what goes in and around involve a highly defined technological operations. The beast as it is formally known has an airplane tracker surrounded by a heavily built armored Chevrolet that keeps communication going.

Organized into a spacious setting and fully furnished setting, the beast can hold a total number of seven passengers. The body of the car is full bullet proof and can hold and can resist penetration of a bullet for a shot at close range. The driver has extensive training and can perform crazy stunts. To complement its weight, the vehicle is a guzzler making it consume fuel at a rate close to 10mpg.

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