Meenakshi Dixit playing the lead role in the film P Se PM Tak

Meenakshi Dixit playing the lead role in the film P Se PM Tak

We are very happy to announce that the tempo just rose higher on the P Se PM Tak; the makers have announced that there will be a major replacement in the movie, our darling Madhuri Dixit will be replaced by the extremely talented fast rising star Meenakshi Dixit.

p se pm tak movie
The big question is can Meenakshi Dixit deliver a quality acting that will match the high stakes that has been set by her predecessor Madhuri Dixit? This question will be satisfactorily answered in a few weeks when the movie will be released. A change in actresses can go either way to determine the public acceptance of a movie, the public always attach a degree of sentiment to their actresses and we know that for Meenakshi Dixit to be accepted, it will be very easy, she will just have to bedazzle the fans.

We can guess that a similarity in their acting styles might have been the strong reason why Meenakshi Dixit was chosen from the audition which had over one thousand upcoming actresses in attendance to vie for the role. The audition included various challenges such as role delivery, dancing to various themes and story lines, but in the end, the best qualified star has been chosen.

p se pm tak movie
You can clear your calendar on the 29th of May 2015 to catch the first performance when the movie will be released, this release date has been officially confirmed, and we are anxiously waiting on the edge of our seats. I also expect the reviews that will come in their thousands after the first premier to express the views and opinions of the fans, we know that both actresses are very talented and we expect only the best from Meenakshi Dixit as this will definitely be her leverage to getting much bigger roles in the future.


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