You May Know Valentine’s Day, But You’ve Probably Never Heard of These 15 Facts Related To It

You May Know Valentine’s Day, But You’ve Probably Never Heard of These 15 Facts Related To It

The valentine day, one of the favoured festivals of this modern world, although to express the special love, you do not need a day. But still according to the kids (teenagers) of this new world has made a tradition to celebrated this day in a new way, here we are presenting some of the facts related to valentine, which you might do not know.

1. The most import Valentine's Dayant theory behind the origin of this day was linked to the time of Emperor Claudius II, who at that time doesn’t want Romans to marry during war time, but one bishop named as Valentine went against his wish and married. He was sent to jail, and in the jail only, he wrote a note for the jailor’s daughter “From your valentine”.

2. In famous Victoria time, it was considered a bad omen if you sign your valentine card.

3. According to shopkeepers, about 3% of the population of world, who bought valentine card, bought for their dog.

4. The numbers of cards and gifts bought on this day makes this day the second biggest festival of world to exchange cards.

5. If you are single, there is no need to worry, as there are many like you out there, and most importantly, while this day is celebrated as lover’s day, very less people know that, this day is also celebrated as Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

6. In Finland this day instead of celebrated as Valentine day, they celebrate as Ystävänpäivä day which means, friends day, on this day people think of the friends who have leaved a remarkable impact on their life.

7. In the medieval time, it was assumed that the X letter symbols the kiss, and instead of writing their signature, they just write X whish is enough for expressing their love.

8. The king of England, King Henry VIII, in the year 1537, declared Feb 14 as the holiday on St. Valentine’s Day.

9. The dark chocolate which is considered as the best source to reduce anxiety and pressure, was also supposed to calm down the patients who think of pinning down of their love.

10. Richard Cadbury, the famous person who produced the brand Cadbury produced the first box f Cadbury box, in late 1800 on the special occasion of valentine day only.

11. Based on a survey, more than 35 million boxes of heart shaped chocolates are sold every year. And this number is increasing every year.

12. On the contrary, if many of you have thought, that only men buy flowers for girls this day, it is wrong, the study has proved that out f 100%, 73% buyers are men and rest 27% are women.

13. As to a surprise, and to, not look bad, 15% women from U.S. send themselves flowers on valentine.

14. Have you ever wondered why red roses or red color is favored this day, according to study it is said that this color is of Venus, the goddess (Roman) of love?

15. Do you know the fact that sweet hearts are not at the top to get cards on valentine day; it is teachers who receive the most cards, second are children, third mothers, fourth wives, and after the number of sweethearts comes and some people(like 3% we have mentioned above) for pets.


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