Make Way For Super Gynecologist Robot, You Can See Her In Queens

Make Way For Super Gynecologist Robot, You Can See Her In A Hospital In Queens

Make Way For Super Gynecologist Robot, You Can See Her In A Hospital In Queens

The robotic technology will forever change the traditional surgery. This will be possible thanks to a new system called the Da Vinci System, which already began to be used.

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform complex procedures using a minimal incision. According to doctors the technology is far more accurate than any surgeon skill.

Moreover, lately more and more patients have sought this kind of intervention because recovery time is reduced.

However, for now, robotic surgery is not recommended for any condition, but she replaced the traditional interventions in areas such as urology and gynecology.

This innovative technology has emerged recently in Queens, New York City, and will begin to show their performance in the Elmhurst Hospital.

Some joke about this technology that a robot who operates women should at least to have a woman`s name, but that is not the main. Import is that there was a gynecologic technology very performant, which guarantees results in a short time, almost painless and the patients recover more easily.

Doctors saying that now the women can go home in the day when the surgery intervention was made compared to interventions in the past, when the patient hat to stay hospitalized for a week.

One of the pluses of this gynecologist robot is: specialization in the pelvic areas including the removing tumors from the uterus.

This method has the benefit like smaller incision compared with that made by the doctor, less pain and loss of blood less. And, also, reducing the risk to get an infection.

Speaking of the way of usage, we can say that the robot is directed by a doctor, who is placed in a special room, where he will move the robot consoles.

Otherwise the robot will operate on their own which, to be honest, it scares the patients who, just wanted to get rid of their diseases.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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