To Loose Weight, Do Like This Chinese Man

TAKE IT TO THE HEAD : To Loose Weight A Chinese Man Carrying A 40 Kg Rock Over His Head For 4 years

To Loose Weight, Do Like This Chinese Man

Of all the crazy stunts people might have pulled to lose weight this is by far the craziest and attention seeking stunt, but who knows at least some popularity were gained. Cong Yan, a Chinese man from Jilin believes that carrying a 40 kg rock balanced on his head is going to loose weight and believe or not he has been doing this for the past four years wow!!

He claims to have started this routine when was about 115kg and with his 5 foot 5 inches tall frame that were at the obesity and unhealthy level.

To Loose Weight, Do Like This Chinese Man

At first, it was just a trial and he wanted something healthier rather than opting for diet pills and maybe surgery and so far in his opinion it has worked and besides it has also become quite usual for people to be seeing him walking with a 40 kg stone on his head. You can only imagine their reaction at first maybe flabbergasted, shocked and I can somehow bet a dollar that some might have found it quite hilarious.

To Loose Weight, Do Like This Chinese Man

Anyway all jokes aside, as we all know you first crawl before walking the now 54 years old started light with a 15 kg rock as it continued to progress to a 40 kg to add on that during the first year he managed to be walking about 1.5 km every day. Which I can say is quite a challenge judging by the fact he was about 250 pounds and he somehow managed to loose weight about 66 pounds again wow!!

To Loose Weight, Do Like This Chinese Man

This man deserves a lot of credit which I am sure you will not mind if I add some more, he can walk for 3 km plus added exercises which are boxing and running laps and guess what! all this with that 40kg rock on his head. Mr. Yan wants to be in the Guinness world book of record someday which I believe he is going to get a spot hopefully. What do we say, people? I guess “Take it to the head!”

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