Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your african safari car

Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your african safari car

How often do you see a lion , let alone two seated in the middle of the road ? That will of course be on a wildlife video taken from a car on African safari . Recently , tourist were treated to a rare sight in which a lion and a lioness stopped traffic by sitting in the middle of the road .

As the tourists in their cars got excited , some of them were see popping their head out of the windows for a good view. Then all over a sudden , one lion charges at the tourist and roars in warning . Nobody gets hurt but this incident which was capture on camera seeks to warn us of dangers of treating  wildlife like pets later on , the two simbas stroll away.

Lion Sighting Video Shows Tourists Why They Must Stay Inside Car: With the growing popularity of many wildlife amusement parks and African safari tours, it is always unfortunate to hear that there are also a growing number of animal attacks on human tourists. A recent video released on Youtube by Kruger Sightings showed a scary incident that almost turned into an attack for the tourists who were videoing some African lions.

Top Reasons Animals Attack: Although the many reasons for wild animals attacking humans are not altogether clear, and, there are multiple theories on this subject, a few sources believe that many wildlife animals are now attacking humans out of pure necessity. By necessity, many experts say that they mean the animals are attacking due to lack of other prey species they would normally hunt in their territorial region.

Scary and Timeless Footage: While it is understandable that after seeing a scary wildlife video like the one from Kruger that many tourists may not want to take a safari tour at all, it is also safe to say that many onlookers may still want to catch their experience on camera. After all, if someone is going to put his life at risk to take a safari tour then using the best video camera for wildlife sightings is a must. See below ideas for video cameras to use.

Video Camera Options: When choosing a good video camera for your wildlife sighting, there are a few things to take into consideration first. Buying a camera that has high resolution and will capture perfect action footage is always recommended. If you are on a small budget, the Canon Vixia HF R500 is a good choice to start out with. For a medium to large budget, consumers may want to try something like the Canon XA20. Something to also take into consideration is the level of audio quality that the camera will provide. Filmmakers and visitors will want to make sure that the footage will be as life-like as possible.

Staying Safe on Tours: The animal fight video released by Kruger Sightings is just one of many that have caught footage where a lion charges a tourist. Due to these unexpected scenarios that are putting many tourists’ lives in danger, experts and park rangers are suggesting that all wildlife safari tours visitors stay inside their cars at all times during their tours and keep the windows up as well, as they feel that many animals feel threatened when the tourists create movement outside of the car.In light of the attacks we see being caught on camera that turn into these tragic events, it is safe to say that tourists and safari tour visitors need to be very careful these days. However, by using caution and realizing that most wild animals are not solely out to kill, many tourists may still find visiting these wildlife parks an enjoyable experience. At the end of the day though, always use caution. You never know what to expect.


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