Lion Attacks a Woman During a Circus

Lion Attacks a Woman During a Circus

Circus acts are inherently cruel sometimes, especially when you happen to use an animal that won’t collaborate, in most cases you’re not even ready for it. One woman, who I assume has possibly mastered the circus and training animals used for entertainment was caught on the odd side of things in an unexpected lion attack during a performance.

On one such occasion, she comes to stage and prepares her act. When the time is right, the first lion comes in, gracefully sceltering around the stage and following his master’s directive. One is almost tempted to think that he could be a pet animal in a lion custome. They both get on a plank supported from above and pushed by her collegue, they gracefully swing together-I kid you not.

When the plank is lowered down the duo come off just at the right moment, and continue their collabo. Shortly, the lion stood on a pedestal, a second lion came in and followed suit, and a third, a fourth and fifth. The fifth however, did not seem very happy on the pedestal, perhaps deciding the only thing that will stand and stay up was his pride, he pounced on the unsuspecting woman and had to be kept at bay with a stream of water from a pipe.

Two out of the remaining 4 lions also came to the realization that perhaps they are not the kind of animals used for entertainment, and the series of pouncing continues, each time squeezing her to a corner and each time getting their fury bodies splashed with water to keep away. Although they are finally contained, this woman will not forget the event anytime soon.

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