Leopard Seal Hunting Gentoo Penguins, Amazing Video Captured By Tourist

Leopard Seal Hunting Gentoo Penguins, Amazing Video Captured By Tourist  :

Antarctica is the southernmost continent which is virtually uninhabited ice-covered landmass. The whole area contains an Eco-system which is rich in wildlife and includes specific animals who can sustain extreme temperature.

Penguins, the most adorable animals are found in abundance and to rotate the Eco-system Leopard seal who rules the water is a great threat to them.

Penguin’s lives on both land and water and the main source of food for them are fish, squid, and krill. While searching for the food, they also have to look for leopard seal as for seal the main source of food are penguins.

In the video, the struggle has been shown between both the animals as they fulfill the daily needs. It is a necessity for penguins to jump into the water for the search of food. The predator, leopard seal waits for the right moment when a group comes into the water.

It is always easy to catch a prey in the group, as the chances of getting something are on higher side. For the first instance, all the penguins ran away and seal went through with tough luck in getting the food. In the second session, the seal doesn’t go near the land but stood still inside the water.

One penguin tricked with the situation as it was all alone and was searching for the food. At the right moment, seal attacked and got its jaws on the legs of the penguin. The penguin was not able to swim away as its legs were in the mouth of the seal.

Leopard seal took advantage and gripped the penguin into the mouth and this was the end of the penguin and the Eco-system continued. In the life cycle, every animal is a predator for another animal and at the same time, the same animal is a prey for another. It is at the time, who is taking advantage of that.

Source: Richard Sidey

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