Latest Smartphone News : New Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy X

Latest Smartphone News : New Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy X

Latest Smartphone News New Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy X

Latest Smartphone News New Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy X

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturer company all over the world. When we talk about Android phones, Samsung is the ultimate winner.

The Korean Company is famous for bringing innovative changes in its smartphones frequently which makes Samsung a people’s favorite.

For years, the company has been working on foldable phones and it might release the first foldable smartphone ever, Galaxy X in the second half of 2017.

Galaxy X specs

Samsung has been highly secretive about this new smartphone and only the recent patent filed by it with the US Patent and Trademark office gave us an overview of the new phone.

According to sources, Galaxy X’s material is made of a material known as the polyimide film. This is a high resistant, flexible material which remains stable in various extreme temperatures.

Most of the credit can be given to this material for imparting the foldability feature of the phone.

The super amoled display will be a full screen one with a 5.5” screen and the foldable feature will give the phone a more compact look.

The speculations are that the phone would come with a 4K display panel. Samsung phones are visually appealing and so we expect the new phone look to be extremely attractive with a metal body.

Another feature that we expect this samsung folding phone to have is the always on display. This feature has recently been incorporated in few Android phones and it would let users to see few things like time and date on their phone screen even if it’s in sleep mode.

There is also a huge chance that the metal body and the screen of the smartphone would be dust and water resistant.

Samsung recently launched a 6GB RAM for its Galaxy note7.  So even though most people are saying Galaxy X is going to have a 4GB RAM, you can hope it to have a 6GB RAM.

However, one of the major concern for this new innovative smartphone is the battery issue. A very powerful battery is needed as the always on mode of the phone and it’s foldable feature can drain the battery real fast.

We are hoping Samsung to look into this issue and offer us with a 3000 mAh battery. Is it too much to ask? No. Is it possible? Why not.

According to the recent reports,Galaxy X is going to have cutting edge design and very powerful cameras. It’s expected that there will be dual rear-facing cameras. We have seen such cameras in a number of phones like Huawei’s P9 and LG G5 model and it’s not unrealistic at all.

This will improve the pictures quality of the phone to a great extent and you can have more clear and detailed pics even in low quality light. The new smartphone can have either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 processor or Snapdragon 830 processor.

However, it’s also possible that Samsung might launch a new processor for this phone. The phone will obviously be a dual sim phone, with microSD card slot for expandable memory and a non removable battery.

The rumors are that Galaxy X will be first released for sale in France, Italy, UK,Germany, Poland, Nordic countries and South Korea. US is not mentioned in the list and Samsung might hold the release of the phone in the country for quite some time.

Source: Mashable

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