Jet Plane Landing And Takeoff On Highway Watch amazing Video

MiG-29 And Su-25 Landing And Takeoff On Highway, Pure Adrenaline Rush

Everybody is showing real interest in the two Russian girls “MiG” and “Su”. No wonder!! When ”MiG” made a special appearance in the live action movie Transformers in 2007, same year “Su” crashed dramatically during the Congolese independence day display as a result of engine failure!! Yes, we are talking about the two Russian jet aircraft’s MiG-29 or Fulcrum and Su-25 or Frogfoot.

Let’s start with Russian MiG-29 : MiG-29 was originally designed to compete with her American peer fighters like McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Mig officially joined the Soviet air force in 1982. Mig continued to serve Russia and some former Soviet republics even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The reputable Russian military jet Mig-29 has special features that make it stand up to any competition. Mig-29 is 44,100 lbs which makes it significantly lighter and can cruise at much higher speeds thanks to its sophisticated designed twin engine.

If you ever got to see a Russian Mig-29 it will be very interesting to know more about the landing “speeds”:

At 12-14 km from the runway: 400 km/h, at 7-9 km from the runway: 360-370 km/h.

At 4 km from the runway: 320-330 km/h.

Finally at 1 km from the runway and 50m altitude: 300 to 310 km/h. the touchdown should be about 280 km/hr.

Have you ever wondered about the price? It’s $29 million; again that’s a competitive price!!!

And now with the “frogfoot” Russian Su-25 :  Su-25 was designed to provide coverage and support to the Soviet ground forces.

Many variants of Su-29 have been developed; the Su-25BM, Su-25K, Su-25SM …the list rolls.

Su-29 had shown significant reliability and resilience qualifying it to take part in serious wars since 1978 and still operating in the ongoing Syrian war. However Su-25 had its considerable share of accidents.

Su-25 and its variants had really been through a lot. Congo had the biggest share actually with One Su-2k disappearing in December 2006 during routine operations, then the crash of another Su-25k mentioned above.

Finally the explosion of the Russian Su-25 in March 2008. Nothing could arouse hesitations though.

Su-25 got many primary users and operators all over the world like Russia and other Soviet republics, North Korea, Armenia, Angola, Iran, Iraq and others.

What makes it outstandingly reliable is its performance. Its speed can reach up to 950km/h with maximum latitude of 7,000 m at a climb rate of 58m/s. It has longer takeoff and landing field lengths of 3,445 ft, and 2,461 ft respectively. Again the price? $11 million! Worth the fortune!! 

“MiG” & “Su” are not asking for the millionaire though, they are asking for the right well-trained pilot, and above all the right minds that won’t get them involved in more wars!!!

See the amazing takeoff and landing of both these girls, in a Highway, Experience the sheer rush of adrenaline to your brain.

Source: ВоенТВ Беларуси

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