This Indian Ocean Tsunami Video Of 2004, Will Blow You

Remembering The Indian Ocean Tsunami Of 2004

This Indian Ocean Tsunami Video Of 2004, Will Blow You

December 2016 will be the 12-year anniversary of the worst Tsunami to ever hit the Indian Ocean and cause devastation along the Sea Side town of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, India. This little Town is more than a Tourist destination but it has a lot of religious significance because of this it has one of the holiest Hindu shrine dedicated to the Goddess Devi who women pray to for marriage. There is also a Gandhi Memorial and different places with various religious significance.

It was in this town that the first shots of the 2004 Tsunami triggered by an earthquake that measured 9.1 in magnitude were captured in an awesome but chilling way with a phone camera. For the first couple of seconds, people are just standing on the beach watching waves rise and fall, as the sea seemed to be pushing its way inland.

For a while, the camera captures, the boats and you can see the 95-foot Thiruvalluvar statue and its 38-foot base kept getting hit by wave after wave until it becomes clear that there were no warning signs.. People look on and a little over 3 minutes later, the sea seems to take over pushing everything in its path. Regardless of how grainy or how bad it get’s, the panic is captured in real time as the people start to run and get on top of roofs.

People had not seen a Tsunami in the area in over 40 years and the fact that there had been no warning means people were not prepared, some didn’t even understand what they were witnessing until it was too late.

This Indian Ocean Tsunami Video Of 2004, Will Blow You

Over 6,000 people died in the Tamil Nadu state and many were displaced as a result. To this day, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami still holds great significance in Kanyakumari, December 26th, 2004 will forever be remembered as a day of loss. People will never forget; even to this day videos that were taken of this disaster are being watched all over the world.

Source: Anoop Sasidharan

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