How to Earn Money From Facebook?

How to Earn Money From Facebook?

Like many money making platforms, facebook is not a money pile treasure that has been stashed away just waiting for you to find it. It can however prove to be a reliable source of extra income using the right approach, some work and discipline. The basics below will however guide you on how to earn money from facebook.

1. Create great posts

With any social media, the basis of success of making money is creating good content. And not just a few but lots of it. This is to mean that on facebook you will have a constant flow of images, updates and links each and every day. To do this successfully, get a niche you are interested in and stick to it. The niche could be on anything.

You should also consider opening up a new facebook account to separate it from the personal account that you are running.

2. Make money via affiliate advertising

Affiliate programs will provide you with marketing materials and unique IDs. They will pay you for the business you generate for them on commission. The commissions vary greatly with some paying well and other, well, not so good. You should therefore try as much as you can to get a good affiliate site and start making money. The affiliate sites do not have to be related to the niche that you choose for your site but it does help if they are related.

3. Make an E-book and sell it though your facebook account

E-books are just formats of book publications that are distributed electronically and not on paper. Given that there is virtually no cost to be incurred, virtually anyone can dive into this. Just choose a subject that you are passionate about and you know will generate interest. After making the right up, be sure to advertise it on your page several times daily to the audience that you have built up over time. Be sure to provide a link where the book can be purchased.]


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