Hot Girl Sticky Hand Shake Prank, You Will Laugh Out From Reaction

Hot Girl Sticky Hand Shake Prank, You Will Laugh Out From Reaction

Do you enjoy watching prank videos or playing pranks on other people?

A prank is a practical joke enacted on an unsuspecting person with the purpose of poking fun or making him look foolish for the amusement of the prankster.

There have been many YouTube pranks that have become viral—they border from mild jokes to savage and elaborate acts either to scare or trick a person. Popular pranks in the net include The Elevator Ghost Scare Prank where innocent elevator passengers experience a power outage on their way to their floor destination.

Hot Girl Sticky Handshake Prank | iDiOTUBE

When the power comes back a creepy little girl dressed in white that seemingly looks like a ghost appears inside the elevator. The Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank where a dog in a spider costume runs after innocent bystanders and pedestrians. This is usually done in tunnels and not-so-well-lit streets. The Diarrhoea in the Elevator Prank where a man who apparently has a bad stomach lets out an explosive fart in front of unwary elevator users.

The latest to be included in the growing list of YouTube prank is the Hot Girl Sticky Handshake Prank. The mischievous act starts with a young attractive woman acting like she is lost and trying to ask for directions to the men on the streets.

When the men answer the question and give the helpless woman instructions to her destination, she then thanks them and extends a hand. This is not just an ordinary handshake as the men sooner realize that a sticky slimy thing has been passed on to them by the woman. Uneasiness and a disgusting feeling would soon ensue as they figure out what the sticky stuff on their hands is as the ungrateful hot girl walks on as if nothing happened.

Of course, the sticky substance they got is just Vaseline lotion and the men has nothing to worry. This most-watched prank is also known as the hot girl dirty hands prank or the Vaseline prank.

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