Homing Pigeon Carrying Nearly 200 Ecstasy Pills, Evolving minds of drug dealers

Evolving minds of drug dealers : Homing Pigeon Carrying Nearly 200 Ecstasy Pills

Evolving minds of drug dealers Homing Pigeon Carrying Nearly 200 Ecstasy Pills

Evolving minds of drug dealers Homing Pigeon Carrying Nearly 200 Ecstasy Pills

It is more than decades when we used to see the usage of birds, carrying important messages from one place to another. Gone were those days after the revolution took place that changed the overall structure of contacting people. Though it was the best medium as no one can get a hold on your transporter and the message can be delivered safely. The great idea struck the drug dealers due to the surveillance by the local police and now they are using pigeons to carry ecstasy pills on their back to get it delivered to the customers.

Local authorities from Kuwait were tracking a homing pigeon that was coming from Iraq for some time. The bird was caught after the struggle from a building near the customs department. According to local newspaper Al-Rai, there were 178 ecstasy pills were found in a small bag attached to the bird’s back.

They can fly across 1,800 kilometers without coming in the notice of the police and there are no boundaries between the borders for them. The average flying speed of them is almost 80 km/h which is almost equal to a fast moving vehicle. It is an innovative way but we can’t even imagine how much it takes to train a pigeon to carry all the stuff and to fly across the borders.

This is not the first time when drug dealers tried to smuggle drugs in a unique way possible as police in Australia seized 20 liters of GBL which is used to make the drug fantasy that was inside the beauty products delivered from China.

A fruit seller ordered a box full of bananas which were filled up with 100kgs of cocaine worth of almost 24 million pounds.

Another guy who was caught by the officials at Saudi Arabia Airport for smuggling alcohol from Bahrain had taped the alcohol up to his body.

These ways are under control as they need to pass through the security but the worry is about the new way dealers are using to transfer the drugs from one place to another.

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