Girl stunt with Buffalo You will be amazed after watching this video

Girl stunt with Buffalo You will be amazed after watching this video

Guy on a Buffalo : Awe-inspiring Stunts from an Unlikely Source When it comes to stunts involving animals, circuses and showmen have used a variety of trained pets and other wildlife to entertain the masses. You can do a lot of tricks on a horse, since it is easy to train it, and an elephant is a quick learner as well owing to its intelligence. Even water-based life forms, like dolphins and seals can perform a number of tricks with the right training.

Girl stunt with Buffalo

Girl stunt with Buffalo

However, if you have managed to train an animal that is not usually known for performing stunts, it is always an amazing sight.A buffalo is not an animal that is generally known for letting people ride it, let alone allowing the rider to perform any kind of stunts on top of it.

You are likelier to hear the name of a buffalo in relation to an animal attack, rather than an entertainment-oriented spectacle. This stunt video will change your perspective on this animal completely though.

If you know a bit about cows and buffalo, you might be aware of the fact that they don’t usually act with a lot of friendliness if someone tries to ride them. They are not considered beasts of burden, and commonly they are used for their milk and meat. The girl in the video proves this totally wrong. In this amazing video, the girl deserves most of the appreciation for her stunt, but it must also be noted that the animal is very well-trained as well.

Girl stunt with Buffalo

Girl stunt with Buffalo

Bull riding is a common activity in some parts of the world, and as soon as a person tries to ride a bull or buffalo, it is the animal’s first instinct to try and throw them off. The guy on a buffalo is mostly concerned with trying to stay on it, but in this video the girl seem completely relaxed and her facial expressions never betray any sort of exertion or fear.

A lot could have gone wrong during the buffalo ride, especially since the buffalo went into the water and could have lost its footing due to the weight of its rider. Fortunately, the animal seems to have been trained pretty well and obeyed the subtle directions of its rider down to the letter.The best part of the entire performance is the jump on to the buffalo, and the jump executed to perfection to get off it. The girl does not look for any foothold or leg-up in trying to get on top of the animal.

She goes from stationery to a jumping stance in no time and does so without breaking a sweat. The end of the ride comes in water, and the girl pulls of an amazing leap from the back of the buffalo to the ground, and has a perfect landing.If you are only observing the rider in this video, it is easy to forget that she is performing on top of a dangerous animal that is not usually receptive to this kind of riding and training. This is what makes the whole stunt unique and awesome.


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