Giant Anaconda bites Man’s Hand must watch video what happens next

Giant Anaconda bites Man’s Hand must watch video what happens next

Most of us who watch National Geographic have come across terrifying wildlife videos and animal videos. Wildlife fans are always glued to animal planet videos watching thrilling and amazing videos and discovery videos on animals. You probably have watched a video of a lion hunting, bears mating, wild beast migration and animal lifestyle but this particular snake video is more than horror movie.

Well on this particular video a police man is bitten by anaconda when he tries to handle it in its cage. The snake is more than eighteen feet tall and heavier than him. He tries to rescue himself but it’s out of control because of it’s enormous size. Well if it were you what would you have done? Block it’s air passage? jump onto it’s back? Or cut off it’s head? The choice is yours!!!What can be more terrifying than this?

Anaconda – known as the largest and the most powerful snakes in the world. Most are found in tropical rainforests, swamps and lakes. And with this fact, an anaconda found in a small town will certainly cause great disturbance with the residents in the area. As seen on the video, 5 men are struggling to capture or at least to calm the snake. We might think that 5 men are enough for the single snake, but we’re all wrong. Because of its size and solid muscle strength, it only took seconds before the men got enveloped in the snake’s deadly coil. The anaconda immediately clenched its jaw on the nearest hand moving body that it could bite into.

Now, what do you think would you do if you’re in this situation, your hand trapped in the mouth of this gigantic deadly monster? Here are the options: (a) cut off the snake’s air supply by pressing your knee on its throat, (b) push your arm farther down into the snakes throat, or (c) drop on its back and try to open its jaw from behind?Think about it. Unlike most of the snakes, anacondas are not poisonous. They coil their enormous body on their prey or target and squeezes until the victim dies of suffocation or crushing.

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