Funny Quotes About Husbands And Wives You Should Be Reading

Funny Quotes About Husbands And Wives You Should Be Reading

The relation of husband wife is very beautiful. Marriages would be better if the partners understand each other. To make the relationship more beautiful it is important to add some fun. Here we are presenting some hilarious quotes. Read the quotes with your loving partner and have some quality fun moments with other.


  • The successful man is the one who makes more money than his wife can spend!!! However, the successful woman is the one who can find such man.
  • For all the husbands: Two secrets that will help brimming your love life1. Whenever you are wrong, admit it.
    2. Whenever you are right, shut up.
  • Marriage is the perfect example of workshop, where the poor husbands work and clever wives shop.
  • The golden rule of perfect love life: Wife is cute when she is mute and the Husband is honey when he has money.
  • Said by an intellectual man: I and my wife always compromise to manage our love life perfectly. I always admit I am wrong and she agrees with me!
  • Marriage denotes the state when man loses his bachelor degree and woman gains the master degree.
  • Husband is always the Head of family where as the wife is Neck that turns the Head around.
  • The most valued fundamental truth of marriage: The wife is in charge.
  • Love is all about the perfect chemistry, this is the reason why sometimes wife treat the husband like ‘Toxic Waste’.
  • Do you know the way of transferring funds even faster than electronic machines? It is known as ‘Marriage’.
  • What a wonder; God created sex, priest created marriage. Even today all the men are eagerly finding that creature.
  • Wedding Rings are the world’s smallest hand cuffs.
  • Marriage is the war where you can sleep with your enemy.
  • Women love to get married; It’s really a special moment when they get the person they can annoy for rest of life.
  • Have you ever wondered who the actual spouse is? The one who stands by you through all the troubles you would not have had if you stayed single.
  • Marriage is kind of Alliance between the two people; One of them never remembers the anniversaries and other one never forgets them.
  • Love is blind while the marriages are Eye-Opener.
  • Sad Quote from an annoyed husband: We always hold hands, if I let go she starts shopping.
  • A rule that will influence national economy. The bachelors should b heavily taxed; it will be unfair if some men stay more happy then the others.
  • For all the husbands; never laugh at your wife’s choice, you are also one of them.
  • Wives often look at their husband and feel ‘dammn how lucky they are’.
  • A clever wife often sleeps with a stupid husband.
  • The marriage would be perfect if the wife gets blind and husband gets deaf.
  • Success in marriage does not come through finding the right partner, you can make your love life perfect by being the right mate.

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