Florence Bearse, Says Wine Is The Reason She’s Lived 100 Years

100 Year Old Florence Bearse Says Wine Is The Reason She’s Lived So Long

Florence Bearse, Says Wine Is The Reason She's Lived 100 Years

Florence Bearse, Says Wine Is The Reason She’s Lived 100 Years

It is said by many, “that age is just a number”, and this perfectly sums up Florence Bearse. Florence Bearse, an inhabitant of Maine, has lived to reach the age of 100. So what is her secret? How did she get to live to be 100 and yet still able to get around without too much aid?

The answer is quite simple, Wine. Wine has long since been known to have many advantages for a person’s overall health. Wine is great for the heart and allows for better blood circulation. This is primarily due to how wine helps the muscles to relax.

Florence was surprised with a surprise birthday party along with a visit from her local news media outlet. When asked about how she was able to get to be this age, she said, “I like my wine. Don’t take it away from me” in a joking manner.

Florence lives in at Westgate Rehabilitation Center in Maine. Despite where she resides Florence was seen getting around quite easily. During her party she was seen smiling as well as joking with many of her friends and the news media that came.

Florence is well known by many of her friends and the staff at the rehabilitation center to have a no nonsense attitude but can also be incredibly friendly. She loves a good joke and loves to have a good time.

It is safe to say that along with the wine she drinks that her outlook on life has also probably played a role into why she has lived to be 100 years old. Happy emotions along with wine seem to be a great way to live a long life, as there have been many research cases that have shown the dangers of negative thinking.

In her concluding words to the news media, she said, “Don’t take any baloney.” I think we can all agree to that and she is living proof that a smile a day, happy thoughts and a glass of wine can lead us all to live to be a 100.

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