Find the Top 10 Dangerous Animals in Australia

Find the Top 10 Dangerous Animals in Australia

Incredible Australia is full of amazing natural beauties and where there is a beauty there is a danger as well. So, we are going to share a list of Top 10 most dangerous and the scariest animals of Australia.

  1. Box Jellyfish: This Box variety is killing 79 people out of 81 deaths recorded by Jellyfishes. It has a long body shape up to two meters length with countless little harpoons. It can inject a big dose of Venom that can stop human heart beats within few minutes.
  2. European Honey Bee: This small, but dangerous animal leave severe allergic reactions that is the cause behind increasing death rate of victims in Australia.
  3. Cone Snail:  This is one smaller, but simply a killer animal that can inject venom that is 1000 times more deadly than the morphine. Its single sting can kill 15 humans, but the best thing with it that last reported attack was 70 years ago.
  4. Stone Fish: This is a simply scary killer animal that has poisonous spines on its back that can be penetrated into the sole of your shoes. Or if you got it on any body part like chest, you are done. Its stings are producing the second most administered anti-venom in Australia.
  5. Blue Ringed Octopus: If this octopus bites you, you have minimum time to prevent your body to stop breathing due to the neurotoxin. It is able to kill 10 people through it’s an average body size. Good fact is that the last case was reported in 1960 of a death under its attack.
  6. Eastern Brown Snake: We have the World’s second most venomous snake here that is killing two human per year due to his aggressive nature and highly poisoning capability. But with the help of anti-venom humans are safe from its poison. A scary fact said that 80% victims died by its venom and lost their lives.
  7. Sydney Funnel Web Spider: This small and scary spider can kill you within few minutes by its fangs that can easily penetrate leather shoes as well. It is able to punch you multiple times before you remove from your body. One of the biggest relieves from here for homemakers is that its anti-venom is available and saving lives from 1981.
  8. Bull shark: This daredevil represents great white shark in Australia and if it is hungry never hesitates to bite human body as well. You should aware with facts regarding this moving danger under the sea, river or some shallow water regions.
  9. Saltwater Crocodile: This is a 7 meter long and up to a tone large killer animal that is known as one of the deadliest animals due to its aggressive behavior. It attacks many people every year and it kills one or two of them. The viral fact is that this crocodile can even kill a shark as well.
  10. Taipan Snake: This snack found in two verities Coastal and Inland both species found in Australia. Inland is the highest venomous snake on the earth. It can kill many humans by a single bite. It normally habitats in remote areas and Coastal found in northern areas. Coastal snack is recognized as the third venomous snake in the world.

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