F 015 – Mercedes Benz First Trailer

F 015 – Mercedes Benz First Trailer A Driving Experience Of New Kind Luxury In Motion

F 015 - Mercedes Benz First Trailer

F 015 – Mercedes Benz First Trailer

San Francisco (CA) – The only time we get to see the Germans on American soil is when they unveil a new piece of engineering marvel. In April 2015, Mercedes-Benz showcased their newest innovation in car technology at Naval Station Alameda near San Francisco Bay – the autonomously driven F015. Peter Lehmann, a Chief Engineer at the world’s renowned luxury car manufacturer demonstrated the leaps in technology the company has been able to achieve.

As the cars of future begin coming to us today, the F015 gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the future populated by Mercedes-Benz cars. Covering the automobile with features that are ahead of their time, the ten minute

F 015 - Mercedes Benz First Trailer

F 015 – Mercedes Benz First Trailer

Mercedes F 015 trailer video showed how experts at the company had carefully studied and analyzed automotive science in present day traffic. The result is a ‘Luxury in Motion’ car that is fully autonomous driving, which interacts with the world like a living being. All modern gadgets are remarkably integrated to function seamlessly. From making video calls, to getting GPS information, interacting with other smart devices in a city, down to summoning the car with your app.

It is a smart car as Project Director Jürgen Weissinger exclaims, “The art is truly the communication from vehicle to environment”. During the demonstration the F 015 was able to drive on its own towards the entrance to pick up people after their business meeting.

The interactive LED light at the front intelligently displays signals for pedestrians crossing the street, signs for parking and coordinating with other vehicles on the road. Once inside the car, it is a different world. Holographic touch based image projections have made interacting with the car as easy as literally press the ‘Go’ button and driving off.

Check out the video for a complete demonstration of how Mercedes-Benz made a statement with a new experience in driving.


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