Eagle attacks Cobra on Animal Fight Videos

Eagle attacks Cobra on Animal Fight Videos

The cobra is one of the most dangerous animals that exist. Have you ever asked yourself what other animal or bird has the audacity and capability of attacking and killing a cobra? Well it’s very possible. This unbelievable attack was captured in several animal wildlife videos.One of the videos shows an eagle taking on a cobra.

The eagle had positioned itself on a tree and with a careful eye, watches the movement of a very long shiny cobra gliding on a rocky ground. In a flash, the eagle flies low and makes the gruesome attack on the cobra. The eagle positions itself so well, that it is able to control the cobra. The cobra struggles. It throws its body around and tries to tie part of its body on one of the eagle’s wings. In retaliation. The eagle bites it.The cobra becomes helpless.

The eagle stands confidently in front of it and bends over it. In the meantime, the eagle’s feet have closely held onto the cobra’s body.This goes on for a while the cobra is overpowered and throws its body and tail about, helplessly. The eagle, on the other hand continues with the biting. Believe it or not, after sometime, the eagle has the whole of the cobra’s head in its mouth. The eagle moves around as it chews and eats more and more of the snake. Its objective is to swallow the whole cobra. You can see the body of the cobra slowly disappearing into the mouth of the eagle. This one of the most absurd wildlife animal pictures that you could ever imagine. It is so shocking to see the eagle manage to swallow the whole cobra.

In an attempt to finish the swallow, the eagle glares upwards, eyes wide open, and slowly manages to take it all down. However, this takes some time. It just doesn’t happen in a second. Ones it’s all over, it shakes its head from side to side as if to ensure that all is well in its throat. After enjoying his meal, the eagle flies back to the tries.It seems this is a common behavior of eagles.

Another video shows 2 eagles on a tree branch fighting for a cobra. One of them gives up. The eagle that is left slowly swallows the cobra starting with its head.In yet another video, a large eagle fights with a cobra. The eagle’s feet compress down the huge cobra. At first, the snake struggles. The eagle has to jump up and down severally so as to hold onto it. The eagle stands on it and compresses it so hard until it becomes lifeless. The bird then started biting on it.

In another video, a cobra rises up, as if to attack an eagle that has been watching by, from a tree. The eagle flies down to where the cobra is and faces the angry cobra. They stare at each other for some seconds. Then the cobra slowly moves its head backwards, as it to retreat. The eagle quickly attacks the cobra’s head using its feet. It then hold down the cobra and eats it off.

It starts with the head. It bites into the contents of the head and spits them out.It seems the eagles have brains too and know about the poison in the snake’s head. That is why it spits out tiny beats of pieces from the inside of the cobra’s mouth before beginning to enjoy its meal.

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