Dogs destroy Toyota car See The Video To Find Out More

A Pack of Feral Dogs Rampaging On The Streets Of Turkey : Dismantle A Whole Toyota

A Pack of Feral Dogs Rampaging On The Streets Of Turkey : Dismantle A Whole Toyota

Cars are parked by drivers on road sides and outside of their homes with keeping in mind that no one will harm them except thieves. But it is peculiar, even stray dogs roaming around in streets can destroy and play havoc with your car. These feral dogs could be forsaken by their owners when they could not afford or shift from one place to another.

Yes, for your surprise it is true, recently it has been caught in CCTV surveillance camera in Sakarya, a province in Turkey, as much as eight stray dogs were seen destroying local man’s car erroneously. The bumper was ripped off, headlights and front decorative grill badly destroyed and damaged by the stray dogs in Turkey’s Sakarya .

The driver of the car initially thought it would be theft and called police but later they came to know by the help of a security camera that there were nearly eight stray dogs in a town of Turkey’s Sakarya province who were the perpetrator behind the destruction of this local man’s car.

Cem Acar, Owner of the car, works as a mechanic in Sarkarya and the repairs of the car amounted almost 5,000 Turkish Liras. However, he decided not to lodge any complain against the stray dogs.

The question arises what makes these packs of feral dogs so dangerous that they even do not spare a parked car?

The answer to this question cloud be, the chasing of a cat by these feral dogs which could take refuge beneath cars. But in the above stated case, no cat was seen run into hiding under the car. Even though, those homeless and erratic dogs sabotaged that local man’s car.

Often feral dogs and cats are seen rubbing themselves against and loitering around vehicles. A study suggests, the smell of combustion of fuel and grease stick on the lower parts of a car also attract them.

Source: Holykaw

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