A Day Aboard a US Cruise Missile Submarine

A Day Aboard a US Cruise Missile Submarine – USS Ohio SSGN 726

A Day Aboard a US Cruise Missile Submarine - USS Ohio SSGN 726

USS Ohio SSGN-726 – a submerged missile machine manned and maintained by 15 officers has given me the chance to experience how a US Navy lives under this doused defense machine. Submerged or resurfaced, discipline must be practiced at all times. I have witnessed how they precisely finish a task. How they follow orders that has been given.

How they were able to accomplish a certain re-construction or even relocate heavy equipment.

Also I thought this is just how they live. I was scared there will not be any form of fun and excitement under this submarine. What is that fun and excitement I am talking about? This is actually the feeling of being able to observe the rules of navigation.

A simple twist on the periscope brings out a sense of excitement, and at the same time giving me the feeling of wanting to take over that spot and use that scope instead. Don’t you want that? Being able to see what’s above and around you whenever you are under the sea.

A Day Aboard a US Cruise Missile Submarine - USS Ohio SSGN 726

The United States of America has been practicing top-of-the-line military defense against possible threats from all over the planet. That is why USS Ohio has been commissioned November 1981 to be a submerged arsenal or a US nuclear submarine to protect the whole country from opposing threats that will try to destroy U.S. Civilization.

It has been re-modeled to accommodate 154 missiles Tomahawks Block IV that also includes 24 launch tube missiles. These 24 missile launcher tubes were converted into pressurizing chambers to allow Navy SEALs commando leave the building immersion for any for any mission dependent NSWC (Naval Special Warfare Command) part of the United States Special Operations.In addition to that, the dock upgrade last November 2002, it had undergone a reloading of its nuclear fuel operational after twenty years of service.

Even if the USS Ohio SSGN-726 is an intimidating defense submarine, what I have witnessed will never be forgotten, the fun, the excitement, and discipline observed will always be a part of me. Thank you for your service.

Source: Daily Military Defense & Archive

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