A Daredevil Jumps off a Roof of a Hotel!!

A Daredevil Jumps off a Roof of a Hotel!!

A Daredevil Jumps off a Roof of a Hotel!!

A Daredevil Jumps off a Roof of a Hotel!!

A daredevil who most probably may be insane posted a video on YouTube jumping off from the roof of a hotel into the swimming pool. The driver who is named 8booth was in the Laguna beach in Orange County, California when he took the video that has gone viral on the internet. This is not the first time for the jumper because he also posted his scary video on Instagram and YouTube when he jumped from El Morro cliff in California.

In his Laguna pool drop, the daredevil is seen climbing the stairs, scuttling across the roof of the hotel, positioning himself well above the pool and jumping into the pool below.

The GoPro video with cameras that are waterproof clearly indicates that the driver missed hitting the concrete side of the pool by a few inches since the pool was not that big. The fearless daredevil with the craziest and daring pool jump shocked most fans in the social media.

The dive is definitely one of the best dives that make viewers hold their breath and wonder the extent that people can go to show their skills and conquer unimaginable heights when jumping or diving.

It’s fun for some fans to watch 8booth with his videos, which has made him popular making people yearn for more videos from him but other viewers found the jumper to be crossing the heights of his freaking videos and think that one of his dates of jumping from crazy heights can cause his death.

With all the positive and negative comments about the viral video. 8booth has proven to the world that he is not scared of heights and it’s obviously become one of his hobbies after the El Morro cliff jump where he had a minor scrape on his back. Go do what you love 8booth but be extra cautious because we still want to see the moves of the fearless adrenaline jumper.


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