Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Created By Man

Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Created By Man : Here is the compilation of the 10 most dangerous weapons of all class.

Most dangerous weapons of all class

Most dangerous weapons of all class

Man has always been fascinated with weapons. It’s almost something that is instinctual from the stone- age era when all man had were sticks, stones, and bones.

We have moved past the rudimentary to some of the most advanced weapons we could have made as human beings. We have created weapons that can do more than harm a man but lay waste to nations.

Here are 10 of the dangerous weapons ever created:

10. DSR-50

There was a time when people thought the AK47 was the deadliest assault rifle ever made but what the AK can do pales in comparison to what a DSR-50 can do. The specialized sniper rifle was designed to go through armored vehicles; you can imagine what it can do to a mere man.

9. Rocket Propelled Grenade

The RPG was designed to be a lightweight weapon against armored vehicles and military tanks. This soviet weapon was widely used in the Vietnam War and in Afghanistan.

8. Schwerer Gustav

The Germans designed and made incredible war machines like the Schwerer Gustav. The Gustav was an 80 cm railway gun designed to shoot from a specially designed railway wagon. This 1930s military weapon could fire shells weighing as much as seven-ton to a distance of 47 kilometers. The Gustav weighed 1,350 and would have been very cumbersome to take to battle.

7. Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier

The 1000 ft Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are the world’s biggest warships They weigh around 100,000 tons and can carry 90 aircraft on deck. They are fitted with all kinds of anti-aircraft guns as well as missiles. These carriers are powered by nuclear power and not gas or diesel like most warships. This means they can run for as much as 20 years without ever needing to refuel.

6. GBU-43/B Massive ordinance Air Blaster

When the world decided against nuclear bombs, armies had to find other alternatives and the U.S created the Massive Ordinance Air Blaster, also known as MOAB. The bomb is also known as The Mother of all Bombs. MOAB is the largest satellite-guided, air-delivery weapon ever. At 21,600 lb, it might not be the largest ever but it does manage to deliver a massive 21,700lb of an explosive mixture that no army has ever come across. It would have been used in the Iraq campaign but it never saw combat.

5. Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of increased Power

In true Soviet style, the Russians came up with their own version of the greatest bomb ever made. This one would be 4 times more powerful than the American MOAB. They nicknamed it: “the father of all bombs”. This bomb yields more than 40 tons of TNT. It has a blast pressure that is similar to that of a nuclear weapon. It detonates in midair, causes a supersonic wave and extremely high temperatures enough to make everything in its path evaporate.

4. Trident II D5 SLBM

The Trident II D5 is a submarine-launched ballistic missile with a range of 7,500 miles. Each missile can carry 12 warheads. It is estimated to have eight times the destructive power the Hiroshima bomb had.

3. Chimera Viruses

A Chimera is a mythical creature formed by combining different parts of an animal. In the case of a virus, it is a strain created by combining various different viruses to create an entirely new virus. The Soviets were rumored to have been working with Chimera viruses. They are deadly because they can be insidiously disguised under simple viruses that we can deal with only to mutate into something we have never seen or know how to deal with.

2. R-36 ICBM

The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is a guided ballistic missile that can travel 3,400 miles. This missile was created for the transportation of nuclear weapons but have been repurposed. ICBMs can be launched from airplanes, missile silos, submarines, and vehicles. A unique feature that the missile has is that it strikes twice on the same target (in case you need to make double-sure that you’ve killed your enemy).

1. Tsar Bomba

When the Soviet answer back to America’s weapons challenges they don’t mess about. The Tsar Bomba was Russia’s answer to the United States nuclear program. This weapon unloads 100-megatons of TNT. It produces a massive mushroom cloud, accompanied by a fireball. This might be the deadliest bomb ever made. It is so heavy it would need its own specially made jet and it would require a suicidal pilot to deliver this to its intended target.

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