Curvy Models And Plus Size Women: Is Next Big Thing In fashion, For More Info Read On

Curvy Models And Plus Size Women: Is The Next Big Thing In Fashion Industry 

Curvy Models And Plus Size Modeling Is The Next Big Thing In fashion Industry !

Curvy Models And Plus Size Modeling Is The Next Big Thing In fashion Industry !

When it comes to fashion, the majority of people have an instant association with Victoria’s Secret model – thin and angel looking women.

In the last few years there is a growing trend of fashion shows with plus size beautiful womens called a curvy models.

At first, you may be a bit confused about this fashion style, but the reality is that beauty comes in all sizes.

In this article you will be introduced to the plus size modeling world and the most beautiful representatives of this world and who campaigns for this type style fashion.

The average American population, especially women, are size 16 which relates to plus size women. You may think there is no way for these women to set foot in the fashion industry, but you can’t be more wrong.

This beautiful models are popular in these days and with each day we can see more plus sized women try in the fashion world.

Ten years back, these women were judged by everyone, but it seems a curvy beauty celebrities will be a new face of Victoria Secret.

Barbie Ferreira


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Barbie Ferreira, one of the most famous plus size model, told she had a lot of problems because of her size in her early twenties.

She wanted to be a model, but at that time there was simply no way for her size to be a model and walk on runways but as the fashion trends started to change she became one of the famous styling model.

Denise Bidot

Walking into the week like... ?#nowrongway New top from @thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman (Link in bio)

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Denise Bidot struggled with her size from a young age. She was at a different type of diets through the adolescent years and she reported her mother struggled with body weight also.

She is internationally recognized not only as a plus size model, but as an advocate for curvy women and self-love, as it is evident plus size women are lacking self-love because it is engraved in their minds they are not worthy enough.

Right now, Denise Bidot is well recognized in a fashion world and she becomes a role model for other plus size women and curvy beauty. She was at the front page of the most popular fashion magazine like Fashion Week.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence was born 11 September 1990 in Worcester, England. She is an active styling model and curvy beauty, but also an editor at Runaway Riot – an outlet for women of all shapes.

It is very popular in a fashion industry that photographs are additionally retouched, but Iskra Lawrence doesn’t allow their photographs to be edited as she wants to show other plus size women that they can be beautiful in all sizes.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a Lebanese fashion model. She is very active in Instagram and a blogging community as well as a clothing designer.

Her beauty is recognized around the globe as she appeared in Vogue, American Apparel, Seventeen Magazine and BuzzFeed.

In one interview this year, Nadia Aboulhosn stated her purpose is to reinvent the standards of the fashion industry and paved way to other plus size women.

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is the pioneer in a curvy modeling and she is one of the first African American size 14 model who appeared in different ads.

There is one similarity in these models – they all want to raise a self-love and self-acceptance to plus size women around the world.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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