A Complete Web Hosting Guide For Beginners

A Complete Web Hosting Guide For Beginners 

Many people wish to make their website take advantage of the internet boom. However; they are unaware about website hosting and the other leading services that can help them in order to create and host the website perfectly. So Epagloo has presented below a short guide for the beginners who are interested in web hosting services.

What is web hosting?

Initially, you need to learn what does the term ‘Web Hosting’ actually means. When you are hosting the website, it means that you are making it available for the people all over the world. What’s a website? It is the innovative set of uniquely designed webpage full of creative content and interesting videos and images. However; the public will only be able to connect with your website when it is available over the web. In order to connect the people with your website, you will need to upload it on the web server. For this, you will need to buy some space on the web servers. Soon after you store your webpage there at the server, you website become perfectly hosted. Now the people can see the website and can connect with the ideas or services you wish to deliver.

What is web server?

Now you may get confused about what is web server. Don’t worry we will help you with this also. One can consider that the web server is similar to the computer where you can upload or store the WebPages of your website. It can also be termed as the cord of connecter between the host and user as such web server will serve your website content to the other users who have internet access. Such computers that act web servers are built with higher specifications. These computers are further connected to the internet through a strong link. Do you know? The professional web hosts or the leading web hosting organizations own personal servers. These professionals earn a great profit by renting out the space to other people where they can store their web pages. You can also select the suitable organization where you find the space at considerable amount and can directly store your web pages at the space you’ve been allotted. In this way your website will get hosted.

Who are web hosts?

Now we will help you explore more about the professional web hosts. In simple words we can define the web hosts as any company or professional have their own web server and rents out web space for website hosting can be called the web host. However; in some countries the web hosts do not own servers but in order to earn higher profits they rent a server from some leading web hosting company and then resell the space under the title of their own brand. These activities are known as ‘Reseller hosting services’.  We you are a beginner, we sincerely advice you to be a reseller first and when you are perfectly skilled with this art then you should think of setting an organization. The beginners would be stunned to know that the large web hosting organizations even own the data centers which mean they have multiple collections of web servers. Their data centers include many servers that are connected with internet through sharp connections. Such servers are protected with high security and backup services. Such organizations will not only provide you with the space, but will also offer you other services regarding perfect website hosting.

Types of web hosting:

Now we will learn about the types of web server hosting. Different professional and even the different organizations follow different type of web hosting. However; we always feel that the good web hosting company provides you with different types of web hosting option order to fulfill your requirements. They will help you to connect with the hosting plan that will offer growth and success to the website. We are describing below about three major types of web hosting services:

Dedicated Server Hosting:

It can be a bit costly to buy the server that is completely dedicated to your website. However; this is beneficial as in this way your website won’t be affected by the other website and you will be free from the problems that occur in shared hosting system. We feel that the dedicated servers are beneficial and suited for the websites that are sure to engage great traffic in near future. If your website can not afford to be down due to business reasons, then it is suggested to have a desiccated hosting server for your website.  For an instance, if you are planning to host the online shopping website on the server, then the dedicated server would be the best option.

Cloud Server Hosting:

These web servers are based on the innovative cloud computing technologies that are considered to be the leading most these days. Such web hosting is done through multiple web servers that are inter connected with each other. Cloud hosting is completely different from shared and dedicated hosting system. . Here in the cloud hosting technique,  multiple servers acting as a single system has multiple advantages like no single point of failure,  load balancing, non-reliance on a single server leading to higher security and also the facility to increase or decrease server resources as per your needs.

Shared Hosting:

You might have got the idea by the title? Yes as like its name, here in the shared hosting system, different website owners share spaces to store their WebPages at the common web server. . This type of hosting plan is good for small time ecommerce sites, static website or a personal website that need cost effective hosting solutions.

This was all about web hosting and types. Go through the article and select the perfect web hosting plan for your website.

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