Comedy Shows – A Modern Stress Booster

Comedy Shows – A Modern Stress Booster

Comedy Shows - A Modern Stress Booster

Comedy Shows – A Modern Stress Booster

Life denotes the existence of a person, animal or a plant. Without life a person doesn’t have any identity. In other words a person gets an identity only when he or she exists, has a life. Similarly when we ask someone what he or she is doing in hisher life?

The answer is simple I am pursuing studies, my professional degree. Some will answer we are carrying our profession further.

In today’s life, everyone is busy. No one has time for others. Everyone is deeply indulged into his so called “life”. Gone are the days when our grandparents would love to talk to their neighbors, friends and their social circles.

They would love to take out time for others just for the “sake of happiness”. They would share their thoughts, happy moods, sorrows with each other, they also watched various shows that relieve their level of stress and further this helped them to tackle stress in their life. This also helped them to overcome their prolonged ailments.

Now people don’t have enough time . They are so busy that they don’t like to communicate with each other  so with this situation how could they share their ideas, opinions, thoughts ? How could they get relieve from stress? It is rightly said “In order to tackle stress one should communicate “.

With lack of communication many are suffering from stress and with this stress many people are suffering from diseases like Asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, brain problems and many diseases that are difficult to spell.

It is said that every 7 people die from stress in every 2 seconds. According to American Psychological Association, “more adults are reporting that their stress is increasing than decreasing. 39 percent said that their stress has increased over past year and even more said their stress has increased in the past five years (47 percent).

In order to overcome this many people undergo therapies, meditation  , walk, aerobics , dance class, listen songs, watch movies, hang out with friends, travel, watch cartoons and many more.

According to research, “laughter is key to soothe stress” with laughter oxygen intake increases, stimulates lungs, muscles, heart. It also cools down heart rate and blood pressure.

This laughter also cures cancer and long term ailments.

In order to have happiness in their life people have started watching “Comedy Shows”. They feel that while watching these shows their pressure of tensionstress reduces.

Many have overcome their illness. People who were suffering from cancer, sugar, blood pressure, brain problems are cured. Some said when they watch these types of shows they forget everything.

Some said that now with these shows our children sit with us and when they devote their time with it also relieves stress. With this we would not denying in saying that “Comedy Shows Are Becoming a Modern Stress Buster”

There were many Indian comedy shows – a stress buster such as:-

Comedy Shows - A Modern Stress Booster

Comedy Shows – A Modern Stress Booster

1.Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai.

2.Office Office.

3.Hum Paanch( We Five).

4.Shriman Shrimati (MR. and MRS.).

There were many USA based comedy shows -a stress buster such as :-

Comedy Shows - A Modern Stress Booster

Comedy Shows – A Modern Stress Booster



3.Happy Days.

4.South  Park.

Now the craze for comedy shows has increased . People like watching Indian comedy shows like comedy nights with Kapil , Comedy Night Bachao, Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah, Chidiya Ghar, Bhabiji Ghar Par hai. I also like to watch these shows.

While watching these shows stress immediately goes out and this also cures my health. My grandpa also likes to watch comedy shows. He has some health problems and when he watches these shows he laughs and then health becomes fine. With his fine health my entire family goes well.

Last I would say that comedy shows have become a modern stress booster and everyone must take out least half an hour for comedy shows. Anyone can choose comedy shows of hisher preference. If opted as a daily routine then every problem will be sorted out.

Finally one day everyone would say ” Gone Are the Days When We Faced Stress- Thanks To Comedy Shows”.

Here are some of the funny moments of your favorite movies..

Source: The Solomon Society

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