Choosing Family Over Career : How Women Change The Priorities

Choosing Family Over Career : How Women Change The Priorities

Women are always considered as the strong hearted. They are the backbone of family. Can you ever imagine a family without woman? Your life and your house would get really messy if there is no woman in it. They are your lover, nutritionist, all time councilor and even the therapist sometime. Weather she is a mom, a sister or a wife; you ought to respect her.

Change The Priorities

Women are more courageous then men. They have the courage to choose family over career. Have you ever wondered why your highly qualified wife or mother does not choose their career? The Answer for it is that woman can always sacrifice her life and happiness for the sake of her family. They do not choose the career, so that they can have the quality time for their family. Non working women can surely build a good bond of ethics and intellect among the family. They choose to be housewife so that they can provide a good culture to their family.

Choosing family over the career is never easy for the housewives. Sometimes their sacrifice is not appreciated by the world. Generally, people in our country believe that Women choose to be house wife because they are less literate or they do not have the confidence to work. Researches state that women are more intellect and confident than men. So if all the house wives would start doing job in higher multinationals, the men would be in real trouble.

We all know that mother plays a major role in carving a child’s future. They are the all time nutritionist of their children. In most cases, the women sacrifice her career for their children. Researchers say that housewives are the best councilor of their children. The non working women are often successful to develop a great bond of love and friendship with their children. Housewives offer a great upbringing to their children. Mothers always offer a supportive hand to their children. It is often believed that children are more connected with the non working mom. The working women face a lot of problem to take care of their children, sometimes they have to keep a maid for managing the children. Children feel irritated with those maids; they lose the bond of love with family.

All the ladies who sacrifice their career for family should be really proud of themselves. They are doing a great job! Housewives are often believed to be great home decorator. They have the perfect skills to manage the house beautifully. They are even the perfect chef of their family. Reports state then 65% of Indian man wish to have wife who can choose family over the career, this is because they feel homely women is the most essential person that influences the whole family.

One should always appreciate the women for they are doing such a great job. They are carving the future of their families. Media24By7 salutes all those moms, wives and sisters who have the courage to choose family over their career. For more updates, stay tuned with us. We will keep bringing such courageous stories to you.


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