Captain Tadeusz Wrona Is The New Polish Sully, Landing A Plane Without Any Wheels

Miracle Landing In Warsaw: The Polish Airplane That Made It Onto The Ground Without Wheels Captain Tadeusz Wrona Is Healing As The New Captain Sully

Landing A Plane Without Any Wheels

Landing A Plane Without Any Wheels

Wednesday, November 1st was a day like no other for a LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767 that made a graceful landing after 230 lives of its passengers was threatened by an impending plane crash.

Captain Tadeusz Wrona, the man who managed to save all of the passengers, claimed that attempting an emergency landing with the plane without landing gear and a hydraulic system failure was an impossible task and feared the plane would be tear apart as the plane was landing with it’s belly and engine would burst.

Plane 767 had significant problems with its flap, slap, spoiler and stabilizer operations. All of these things spelled catastrophe for the Polish plane that was flying from Newark to Warsaw.

The passengers in the airplane realized that gravity of the situation and as such, started bidding farewell to each other. With no hope of making it, an American, Greg Cohen sent a final goodbye message to his wife and children as he knew that his death was imminent.

As the airplane’s hydraulic system was leaking, Captain Tadeusz decided to contact Warsaw ATC, which instructed them to circle the airport for an hour in efforts to try and consume excess fuel and give them ample time to prepare for an emergency landing.


Millions of viewers witnessed the gut-rending event of the airplane footage on live TV, with those near the vicinity sharing numerous photos with the rest of the world.

After an hour and a half of constant struggle, Polish Sully managed to pull off a smooth landing . Greg told that the plane did a smooth landing without feeling any thing to passengers. 

In the history of aircraft landings and takeoffs, a detrimental event like this one rarely occurs. However, it was a miracle that the plane touched down with everyone out of harm’s way. And since then Captain Tadeusz is been comparing with Captain sully for the Hudson river plane landing.

An applause for captain Tadeusz was in order but only two minutes into relief, the airplane start emitting smoke on the right side of the engine.

Crippled by fear, all of the passengers were quickly evacuated through the emergency exists due to the possibility of an explosion.

Fortunately, everyone got off safely and the plane did not explode. Captain Tadeusz has ever since been regarded as the Polish pilot who landed a plane without its wheels.

Just like Captain Sullenberger, who land a plane full of people in Hudson river. The Hudson river plane landing was one that the world will never forget. Currently, investigations on the cause of the accident are underway.

Landing A Plane Without Any Wheels

Landing A Plane Without Any Wheels

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