At Camp Sargo, US Navy Submarine Breaking Ice

At Camp Sargo, US Navy Submarine Submerging Breaking Through Arctic ICE

At Camp Sargo, US Navy Submarine Submerging Breaking Through Arctic ICE

The Arctic has now been a top priority for USA and NATO for energy exploration and flash-point area in the future. The US Navy and the armed forces, catching up with the Russian government, had conducted a submarine and military drill in the arctic on this exploration for untapped energy deposits in the area.

This has been the headlines in the military news today and we can all expect for more new discoveries conducted by the US military, navy, and air force in the region.

Due to the climate change, more ice can now be broken in the area making the exploration easier for the US navy and military. Just recently, the nuclear submarine USS Hartford has broken through ice in the arctic region clearly showing what it can do.

The submarine is said to house several military people and navy crew who are part of this exploration project. The footage’s can be seen online through YouTube and other military news websites.

The slow cracking of the thick ice is an unbelievable sight to see. The submarine landed on the US base called Camp Sargo which was last ventured 56 years ago.

Camp Sargo, like any other, has a command center and officers that man the area. The infrastructure in itself can hold a support to a number of people inside.

It is complete with all the equipment needed and the military base can provide a safe and warm shelter to the US military and navy force.

At Camp Sargo, US Navy Submarine Submerging Breaking Through Arctic ICE

The ICEX or the Ice International Exercise is said to continue this exploration in years starting in 2016. This exploration is original intended for studying the capacity of the region to hold a base camp.

If the team can prove in their research that the area can be a good strategic point, then his will hold a greater advancement in the future. 

Source: ArmedForcesUpdate

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