Cable Breaking On USS Eisenhower Flight Deck

Human Error Established As The Cause Of Cable Breaking On USS Eisenhower Flight Deck

Cable Breaking On USS Eisenhower Flight Deck

As per the latest investigation, an improperly programmed valve along with human error has been established as the reason for cable snap aboard USS Eisenhower during landing that occurred in March. At least eight sailors were reported to have received injuries during the Hampton Roads’ incident. Originally used to catch E-2C Hawkeye during landing, the cable broke aboard the flight deck of USS D.D Eisenhower.

As per the reports of U.S. Navy, at least one or probably two critical steps were ignored by the maintenance personnel which are essential for proper functioning of the engine that operates the carrier flight deck’s cables. Commonly known as the cross deck pendants, their failure disabled the engine from reducing the aircraft’s speed that led to the pendant breaking apart near the tailhook of the Hawkeye.

U.S. Navy has further reported that evidence of a conspiracy or deliberate negligence of duty has not been found. The lack of compliance was purely due to the complication of the procedure whereby the maintenance workers believed that the protocol had been completed properly after the last landing.

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