How To Bring Out The Blogger In You – Complete Guide

How To Bring Out The Blogger In You – Complete Guide

So you are thinking of starting a blog Huh! If we’re not wrong, there are a lot of things in your mind about blogging. Every day you get different ideas and you end up with a decision that “I should write about this, I should write about that.” Ideas are always cool but what about implementation, dude?  Setting up a blog doesn’t need some alien technology but it needs efforts. Yes, efforts. The real one, not just jump and start kind of efforts.

What kind of a blogger you are:

Wannabe Blogger:

“I want to start a blog but unfortunately, I’m not a tech-friendly person, I don’t have technical skills. I have a goal but I don’t know what to do.”

Confused Blogger:

“I keep searching “how-to” guides on the internet and feel like I’ve learned everything in every session. But when I start, I get confused with so many things. Now I feel like my laptop laughs at me. It is really difficult.”

Heartbroken Blogger:

“I have tried everything, wasted my n number of dollars and ultimately I closed everything. But I really wanted to start blogging, I did but as I told you, nothing worked for me.”

All we can say is that blogging is really easy, not because we are expert in that, it is a fact. Whether you are 10 years old or 80 years old, you can start blogging very easily. If you are still not sure, I suggest you read this article completely.blogger

Ready for Boom-Boom, Bang-Bang?

A few questions need to be answered:

  1. What’s Your Taste: Choosing the theme of your blog is the most important thing at initial stage, always blog about the things you really like. Focusing on your area of interest plays major role. For example if you love writing about technology and you choose the theme of your blog to be Health, it will be very hard for you to stick to the topic and soon you will get bored. Pick a blog topic.

Do you have one? Share with us in comments.

  1. What Will Be Your Blogging Platform: Choosing the right platform for blogging is very important. Here, you may find it difficult to choose the right one.

Here are a few suggestions you can choose from.
Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Quora, Google+.

Things to Remember:

Nothing is FREE in the world (Except this helpful guide which you are reading right now)

You may see different websites saying there platform is free for blogging. Yes, they are not completely wrong. But, not completely right too. Confused? Ah! Let us explain. These platforms provide you freedom to spread your words on the web. But, you won’t get a personal blog name without paying a penny. It means you won’t get a domain name of your choice. All you will get from these sites is a ‘Sub-domain’. You need example? Here it is:

Suppose you are going to build a blog named “MYBLOG” but when you register on these sites you will get, or something like that.

Possess The Control:

If you are serious about blogging, you should get a domain name and a hosting from a reputed company. Domain will cost you very less and for hosting you can get started with a starter hosting plan. You can also read our complete guide on choosing domain names and right hosting for your website, blog from HERE. If you are sure that you will use this blog for long time, it is always better to choose the right hosting package. Because short term packages will cost you more if you compare them with long term plans. You can buy the one that suits your budget and requirements. For hosting related information, you can read our blogs on choosing the right hosting plans.

Your own domain and hosting gives you freedom to manage and control your blog completely. It means there are no chances of getting the content removed or something.

Once you get all these things ready, you can start blogging.

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