Brave Indian Girl Catches Cobra Snake With Her Bare Hands

Brave Indian Girl Catches Cobra Snake With Her Bare Hands

Shocked bystanders were left looking on in awe as an Indian girl bravely caught a cobra snake all on her own. Using her bare hands and clad in a t-shirt, jeans and sandals, the girl literally had the snake by its tail while it was thrashing around on the grass. In the video, someone can be seen placing a container for the girl to deposit the snake, but for the most part everyone kept their distance. Initially, the energetic snake coils around wildly and even appears to make a lunge at the girls feet a few times, but she never lets go of its tail.

The wild lunges by the snake would have sent many people with less bravery scurrying away, but the girl managed to nimbly avoid getting bit. Eventually, the snake began to slow down as it grew fatigued from all the movement. The girl then took this opportunity to gently reel in the clearly agitated snake. Due to the length of the snake this was not an easy task and it even made one last lunge at the girls’ feet as it was lifted off the ground. Eventually she managed to reel in the writhing snake and even had enough confidence to smile at the camera while holding up the subdued snake. She then placed the snake in the nearby container and closed the lid much to the relief of the onlookers.

(Courtesy : YouTube)


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