Bird Vs Snake: A Blue Bird Fight With Snake Unique Compilation

Bird Vs Snake: A Blue Bird Fight With Snake Unique Compilation

It is a short version of “The Beauty and the Beast” as birds often seen in different colors whereas snakes carry a tag of a beast. They don’t walk on the same path but at times, they have been fighting protecting themselves or even their families. In the video, we observed the woodpecker fighting for the place where a snake took the shelter.

It is believed that it was the house of the pecker in which she laid eggs and while the mother pecker was not around, snake took the advantage. The pecker was fighting with its life as many times, snake grappled it and roped it with its body.

It was the quick thinking of the pecker which kept it alive and every time it comes back to fight with the snake. It is all about the strength and the snake was aware with it and plus the advantage of the place. As half of the body of the snake was inside the tree so that the woodpecker was not able to attack it from behind. The struggle was forever as there was no clear winner.

In the next part, the blue bird was fighting the green snake in the open land full of grass. The place made the snake vulnerable as it can be attacked from anywhere. Keeping the weakness in mind, snake pulls out the first throw which made the bird flew away but it came back with the speed of light.

With that speed, the bird puts its beak at the skin of the snake which made it helpless. This was the time, the snake ran away as the bird followed it. While running, the bird caught the snake with its feet and attacked it with its beak again.

This was the time when the bird had the advantage and hurt it many times in a fraction of a minute. There was a clear winner as the snake was not able to do anything and after getting a chance, it hides in the bushes keeping itself alive.

The whole video was recorded and was shared on the internet. Within hours it is a new viral video which has been shared and liked by millions as it shows the reality of our ecosystem. The mother is fighting for its eggs and the predator is fighting for its food. This is the struggle that they need to go through every moment of life.

Source: Animals Channel

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