Bikini girl grabs an attacking cobra with her bare hands

Bikini girl grabs an attacking cobra with her bare hands

A new video surfaced on various social media websites which has drawn very mixed reviews. The 9-second video shows a South African girl sitting at the bank of what appears to be a river or a pond. A King Cobra comes toward the girl and the girl catches the snake in mid air as it jumps toward her. The girl, described by many as ‘Snake Lady’ is then seen throwing the snake back towards the river.

The video has received some interesting comments from viewers, many claiming that the video was an obvious fake. Through their comments, many users drew attention towards the shadow of a man at the bottom of the frame. He is seen holding a fishing rod and pulling on the rod which appears to be in sync with motion of the snake towards the girl. Viewers claim that the snake was in fact, attached to the rod. The viral Snake Lady video which has about 600,000 views on Youtube has many dislikes. This could be most likely due to many viewers considering it fake. Viewers have also dismissed the Cobra to be either dead or a replica. It goes without saying that such short, weird videos are here to stay and are bringing in hits from hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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