Beaming Smile Of A Premature Baby Girl, Lighting Up People Over Social Media

Beaming Smile Of A Premature Baby Girl, Lighting Up People Over Social Media

Beaming Smile Of A Premature Baby Girl, Lighting Up People Over Social Media

Beaming Smile Of A Premature Baby Girl, Lighting Up People Over Social Media

The world of internet can be full of news and sometimes news such interesting that you can’t resist sharing it with your friends and family.

One such news that is revolving around the internet these days is the picture of a little baby girl who was in spite of the fact born ahead of time. Whose weight was only 3lbs 14oz (weight equal to baby born with full-term) smiling brightly with both eyes wide open as in she’s celebrating her life on the face of the Earth whole heartedly.

She has been recently awarded the title of Cheerful baby in the world after her mom shared her picture on the internet which spread like a wild fire and caught the attention of many onlookers.

The abrupt reaction to the Facebook post of Lauren Vinje (baby’s mother) was; many parents shared the pictures of their babies who were born pre-maturely and are living the life to the fullest with health.

There were some inspirational stories that also attracted many readers, one such story was shared by a mom who said in reaction to the smiling baby girl’s picture:

“My son was also born prematurely with 4.8lbs 9 weeks early. This year in May he will be graduated from medical college & be out with a degree of Specialist of Osteopathic medicine.”

Another mother took the internet to show affection to the baby girl and she had another story of her girl who was born prematurely, this is what she has to tell the world:

“I was warned that my tiny girl would never be able to smile when she underwent a stroke when she was born prematurely she loves ascertaining everyone incorrect. With sending hugs and many more sneers your way.”

One similar story was also shared under the same post where a mother Laura Flynn showed affection with the following words:

“So Beautiful, Congratulations, my toddler was 3lbs 6oz at the time of birth. He’s now 5 and above normal height for children of his age. The whole world kept influencing me that it’s the tiny children who grew the biggest and strongest. I didn’t believe it at first but now I do.”

Another mother, Jill Chambers Goodwin, similarly posted a picture of her smiling newborn with wishes to the smiling girl:

“Your little girl is so precious! This is my favorite picture I loved to look at during our NICU stay. Kennedy was born on the 31st week. She weighed 3lb 2oz (1.4 kg).”

Believe it or not, some trends really inspire others to motivate for a good living as happened with this public post, which made many other people to share their stirring stories to let the world know that life is precious and we should be thankful to it.

Source: Foxnews

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