Bald Eagles Go Crazy For A Feeding Frenzy In Dutch Harbor Alaska

Bald Eagles Go Crazy For A Feeding Frenzy In Dutch Harbor Alaska

Freedom !!

Bald Eagles Go Crazy For A Feeding Frenzy In Dutch Harbor Alaska

That’s what the Bald Eagle is best known for. Being America’s mascot to symbolize freedom. This huge species of bird is a spectacle to watch during meal time.

By using their sharp eyes, pointed beaks, and strong talons, they often go to dams and rivers to hunt for their fish. It could even turn into a competition for bald eagles on who goes to eat a fish first.

These birds tend to be competitive with each other for their catch. A lot of wildlife photographers even go to their feeding spots just to lay their eyes on this majestic flying beast and capture some priceless photos.

Recently there has been a video that went viral on the internet. It was of a fisherman on the deck of his boat in Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

He walks on deck with his pan full of fish and he causes a feeding frenzy for bald eagles.

What a sight it was !! 

A boat full of birds readily waiting for their turn to eat went crazy when the fisherman threw the fish on the ground. As the video pans around the deck, about a hundred more birds appear on screen. 

Bonus in the video is that Lynyrd Skynyrd free bird, playing on the background. This power ballad by the popular American rock band is a fitting song, actually. 

Since Bald Eagles are a symbol of freedom for Americans and birds are really as free as, — well, a bird.

An Iconic line from the chorus goes, “’Cause I’m a Free Bird now, and this bird you cannot change,” and there will probably be no changing for these birds who love to eat.

Let’s just hope we see more videos from this fisherman who loves to give feeding frenzies for bald eagles on deck.

I bet all the wildlife photographers would have loved to be on the Dutch dock to witness that feeding frenzy. If only they could ‘Fly High like Free Birds’ do.

Source: jessie peck

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