Avegant Glyph : World’s First Portable Theater

Avegant Glyph : World’s First Portable Theater

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

Avegant Glyph is a portable, wearable movie theater which moonlights like a pair of regular headphones. The main idea behind this innovative gadget is video viewing. Inside Glyph’s headband are two eye holes, behind which are ingenious micro mirror projection technology beaming 720p video into your eyes. This device is intended to be worn as a VR headset, you only need to plug in a HDMI source then you’ll be good to go. The Glyph has been undergoing development for a number of years now.In this Avegant Glyph review i’ll be mentioning all you need to know about the device. But first, let’s look at its pros and cons.


  • Crisp picture quality.
  • High quality sound.
  • Great viewing experience. 


  • Headphone mode is a little uncomfortable in extended use .
  • Some features are not fully exploited.
  • Short Battery Life.

Basically this innovative idea came about as a result of trying something new, but treading new ground usually comes with a few goofs. The whole movie or video experience is interesting, but some of its immersive features for instance head tracking are yet to be exploited.

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

For early adopters, this gadget is quite interesting; otherwise casual adopters should wait for a refined version to be developed later on. The magnetic nose pads of the Glyph which are changeable (come in a choice of four) and an eye hole cover to prevent your hair pomade from smearing the optics while in headphone mode.

This head gear which has undergone a lot of changes over time for purposes of refinement is now a unique personal theater. You can connect it to your watch or phone and watch a video. It can also serve as a monitor for your computer if you fancy.

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

Some people prefer using it as a first person viewer in flying a drone. I tend to imagine that people will use this mobile screen while traveling, as the best option compared to the tiny screen of a phone. This wearable requires neither skill nor adaptation to use. There are no special software either, just a screen on your face!

If I could describe how the Avegant glyph looks like, the headphones have a comfy padding and are statement-sized. They have a metallic, high end slightly space age-y look. The sound quality of the headphone is quite good with dynamic, wide and low end oomph to satisfy you. All of the gear’s unique tech can be found on the headband’s underside.

Flip it on the bridge of your nose, and then you’ll be in viewing mode. But you also have to flick your power option into the “ON” position. At first you’ll get a blinding white screen which says Glyph on it. This stalls from a minute to six while you adjust the prescription and placement of the lenses and insert one of the four earpiece . There are no elaborate guidelines on getting the focus right but before you get it right it is painstakingly arduous. At this point it feels blissfully and instantly normal.

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

Avegant Glyph World's First Portable Theater

The main thing about the glyph is the screen, since it is not a screen at all. The rectangle which acts as a screen is a low powered light reflected from millions of tiny mirrors directed into your eye. This can only compare to the way in which sunlight bounces off from objects in the world. Avegant refers to this as “screen less display” which is an amazing technology. It is clearer than most VRs without screen door effect or fuzziness. You can watch for hours without eyestrain or fatigue.

Since this device is not a VR set it does not fill your whole view. One of its major features is that you can wear the gear and still do other jobs, or find your glass of milk on the table without knocking it over blindly. Avegant Glyph can also be worn in public saving you the trouble of pick pocketing it. This device is quite engaging, but not so detaching.

The smartest thing about this gadget is the proprietary tech inside it. Anything you can view on TV,  you can view on the Avegant Glyph. The head-tracking device inside it works with jaunt’s 360-degree videos but does not limit it from working as any other big screen. Only that the big screen follows you from the bathroom, to the mailbox, to the kitchen, to the subway. Basically, there is a lot that you can do with it.


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